Dec 15 2011


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The Crazy Success of Millionaire Teacher

My book’s publisher in Singapore, Nick Wallwork of John Wiley & Sons emailed me last week to say that Millionaire Teacher is the most successful book he has ever produced.

Exactly what components come together to create a best-seller?  Obviously, the book has to be decent, but loads of great books go unpublished—and hundreds (even thousands) of bestselling books have their readers scratching their heads and asking, “How did this book become such a hit?”

Millionaire Teacher is a book that, I think, fit a market niche.  My fellow teachers at Singapore American School guided me to keep the book simple and engaging.  I have hundreds of my fellow educators to thank.  I also want to thank MoneySense Magazine’s founding editor (and now the Features Editor at The Globe and Mail) for convincing me to write this book, and for putting together such an amazing Foreword.

The book wouldn’t have been published in the first place if it weren’t for the great work that David Dixon of Singapore Online Services did on my personal finance blog.  That’s an understatement.  He convinced me to start the blog, and it caught the attention of John Wiley & Sons when they received my initial book proposal back in June of 2010.

The powerful endorsements from many of the world’s greatest investment writers gave this book immediate credibility.  Thank you to Burton Malkiel, Scott Burns, Robert P. Miles, Paul B Farrell, William Bernstein, Larry Swedroe, Bill Schultheis, Charles E. Kirk, Michael O’Higgins, John Heinzl and Robert Wasilewski.

Giving the book its incredible wheels were the bloggers, interviewers and financial writers who created reviews and profiles.  My apologies if I missed people (I’m sure I have) but I want to do my best to thank everyone who played a role in this book’s success, including Scott Burns and Kennon Grose at Assetbuilder.  Here are some of the people who put an unlikely author on so many American, Singaporean, Canadian, Malaysian and Chinese nightstands.  (Yes, the book is being produced in basic and orthodox Chinese, for Taiwan and mainland China)

Online Stories About The Author, Andrew Hallam

Teams of supporters create bestsellers. And I want to thank everyone for making this book such a great success.

I’m sure to get a free dinner from my publisher out of the deal.  What do you think Nick?



About the author

andrew hallam

I'm a freelance finance writer, lucky enough to have been nominated as a finalist for two Canadian National Publishing Awards. I'm also the author of Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School, a book explaining how I became a millionaire on a teacher's salary, while still in my 30s. Working to empower people financially, I'm available to motivate and inspire people on basic retirement planning and index investing. I'm happy to comment on your questions, first, please read the Terms of Use.

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  1. avatar
    David Dixon

    Andrew, many thanks for the compliment — it is always a pleasure working with you. As far as the success goes… it's a well known saying on the internet that "Content is king," and you, my friend, are the King of Content! Your relentless pursuit to help people get a better deal for their hard work is to be commended and your success is well deserved!

  2. avatar
    The Dividend Ninja

    Andrew, that's great to hear! Fabulous… I'm not surprised at all to see your book hit number one :) Congratulations, well deserved, and thanks for the mentions!!


    The Dividend Ninja

  3. avatar
    Ed Gilbreath


    I remember our first ride together shortly after you arrived in Singapore. You were a special guy that day and have remained so ever since.



  4. avatar
    My Own Advisor

    Thanks for the mention Andrew!

    I was more than happy to promote your book via my blog. It was an outstanding read and your book is sure to help many, many people.

    Continued success!

    Holiday cheers to you and family,


  5. avatar
    Invest It Wisely

    Congrats on all of the success Andrew! So many reviews and interviews… wow! I will also add a review + giveaway to the list soon. :)

    1. avatar
      Invest It Wisely

      The review is now live! I've broken it down into three parts, the second two which will go live in January.

      Happy Holidays Andrew!

  6. avatar

    I think it also does so well because you are a "real guy". You blog about it, you interact with people who read your blog and book. It gives it authenticity. At least that is one reason why I recommended it to friends. Well done.

  7. avatar

    Thank you so much for the mention Andrew!

    Congrats on the crazy success of your book, but I knew it all along that it would be amazingly successful!

    YOu are such an amazing, authentic individual (that oozes passion for personal finance) that I'm sure anyone would want to read your book.


    Still waiting for your autobiography- I know that would be flying off the bookshelves/ and off Amazon too!

  8. avatar
    Andrew Hallam

    Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate the very kind words and support. Together, we're all teaching this stuff, which absolutely thrills me! Thank you!!!

  9. avatar
    DIY Investor

    I, along with the others, am not surprised. Books that are well written and readable are rare in this genre. The trick is to bring in the non finance types and you've done that. I was happy to be a small part of it and look forward to spreading the word.

  10. avatar
    larry macdonald

    Hey Andrew

    You'd be a perfect candidate for the Government of Canada's financial literacy initiative. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

  11. avatar
    Andrew Hallam

    It looks awesome Kevin!

    Thanks for the great support!


  12. avatar

    Hi Andrew,

    I'm one of the Singaporean bloggers who reviewed your book at http://financiallyfreenow.wordpress.com/2011/11/2…. I would like to contact you to discuss something further. How can I contact you personally? Thanks a lot!



    1. avatar
      Andrew Hallam

      Hey FFN,

      You can reach me at investlikebuffettATgmail.com

      Thanks again for the great review that you wrote. I loved it–especially what you wrote about Burton Malkiel's quote. I think you're right. This kind of investing isn't just for beginners.


      1. avatar

        Hi Andrew,

        I emailed you at the stated email a few days back. Hope you have seen the email as I've yet to receive any reply from you. Thanks mate.



        1. avatar
          Andrew Hallam

          Hi FFN,

          I didn't receive the email. How about trying this address:


          1. avatar

            Hi Andrew,

            Ok I have sent to that address. Pls let me know if u get it. Thanks.

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