Jan 15 2012


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Millionaire Teacher Risks His Life For The Truth

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Shiral Tobin, of CBC radio, recently interviewed me about investments and money. 

I was thrilled to explain (on national radio) about the excessive fees handed out to unsuspecting Canadian investors.  The Big 5 banks hold the bulk of Canadian mutual fund business.  They reap the rewards, while investors pay the hidden piper.

Close friends suggest, only half jokingly, that I should watch my back. 

I suppose the risk depends on my book’s success.  If Millionaire Teacher keeps selling well, and if I’m suddenly found face down on a muddy trail, then at least there’s hope for Michael Moore.  He could make another movie.

If somebody makes an action film instead, I want it known that Daniel Craig has to play me.

And Michael Moore, if you’re reading this, nobody has to die first.



Check out my CBC Radio interview.  





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andrew hallam

I'm a freelance finance writer, lucky enough to have been nominated as a finalist for two Canadian National Publishing Awards. I'm also the author of Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School, a book explaining how I became a millionaire on a teacher's salary, while still in my 30s. Working to empower people financially, I'm available to motivate and inspire people on basic retirement planning and index investing. I'm happy to comment on your questions, first, please read the Terms of Use.

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  1. avatar
    DIY Investor

    All joking aside I believe Millionaire Teacher would make a terrific documentary. With your sense of humor a film could greatly raise financial literacy .

    I recently watched a panel on PBS which included Michael Moore on raising the living standard for lower income people and only Suze Orman spoke on the need for people to take personal responsibility. In my view even the the spokespeople ( most of whom were rich – ex. Tavis Smiley and Cornell West) don't get the keys to accumulating wealth.

    1. avatar
      Andrew Hallam

      Wow! That's amazing that Suze Orman was the only person speaking about personal responsibility. The whole sub-prime mortgage problem was a result of ignorance mixed with greed. But ignorance isn't really an excuse, is it?

      Yeah, it would be a fun documentary Robert! So much fun could be had with the whole thing. With that beard of yours, you'd make a great wizard.

  2. avatar
    The Dividend Ninja

    If it becomes an action film, can I play the role of myself as "The Dividend Ninja" ? Very stealth, night time raids only with a team of Ninjas.

    Actually Robert brings up a good point, the next natural progression is to go to TV media. I think a film documentary on the Millionaire Teacher would be amazing :)


    The Dividend Ninja

    1. avatar
      Andrew Hallam

      Oh yeah, I could see you popping balloons all over the place Ninja.

  3. avatar

    Hey Andrew,

    Your criticism of the Canadian system is long overdue. I lived in Canada for 55 yrs, and always wondered why my investments never really went anywhere. Now I live in the USA and am heavily invested with Vanguard….and I can see the amount of my fees….and also see the progress of my investments.

    A documentary is a fine idea… but who would play the parts of the villainous Bank Presidents?

    1. avatar
      Andrew Hallam

      Hey Squasher,

      I'm also very surprised that nobody has taken the Canadian industry to task. If I can keep selling my book, I guess that helps. But I agree that more is needed. A documentary would be awesome!

  4. avatar
    KC @ PsychoMoney

    Maybe if we say Michael Moore enough in the comments it will get ranked higher in google for the name Michael Moore. Then one day in the very near future Michael Moore will be googling his own name and Michael Moore will stumble onto this post and before you know it Michael Moore will be casting for the movie.

    Michael Moore

    1. avatar
      Andrew Hallam

      Hey Psycho Money,

      Think of how much fun we could have filming that!

      1. avatar
        KC @ PsychoMoney

        For sure, I better get an invite when you start filming if it all pans out with Michael Moore.

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