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High School Personal Finance Classes: Are They Really Useless?


  Studies show that high school personal finance classes have no effect on adult spending and investing patterns.   I published my thoughts on the topic with Assetbuilder:  Read the Full Article

Manulife’s Funds Versus Index Funds

I’m continuing my Globe and Mail series, comparing Canada’s actively managed fund companies’ products versus inexpensive index funds.   Based on personal emails, I’m popular among regular people.   But Canada’s mutual fund companies see me as a mirage wrecker.   I’m happy to be making friends where I should … Read More  

The Surprising Truth About CIBC’s Best Mutual Funds

It’s easy to imagine CIBC’s financial advisors recommending their firm’s actively managed funds.  They charge higher fees than their indexed, passively managed products.  Higher fund costs are better for banks, but not for investors.  That said, CIBC’s standard indexes are expensive, carrying costs exceeding 1% each year. Does this mean they underperform CIBC’s actively managed […]

An Investment Opportunity With Two Chinas


Earlier this week, my wife Pele and I crouched beside a small fire, a handful of miles from the Chinese town of Yungshuo. Keeping us company was a school principal and an elementary teacher. The principal added charcoal to the wok-like pit as carbon monoxide rose from the flames. We weren’t on a winter camping […]

How Do TD’s Mutual Funds Stack Up Against Its Index Funds?


Image courtesy of Quirky imagery works well when explaining concepts to kids. Based on my experience as a high school personal finance teacher, the more ridiculous the better. So, what do index fund managers do all day? They work from hammocks like chilled hippies – if you ask my students… To read more, check […]

How Do Fidelity’s Mutual Funds Stack Up?

Financial companies get a bit testy when I compare their mutual funds with indexes (if my email inbox is any indication).   But it’s still worth publishing such data for Canada’s national paper.   You can read my article here

Putting Canadian Mutual Funds To The Test

Thomas Edison was dubbed a wizard when he created the electric light bulb. The Wright Brothers became American icons when they flew the first airplane. But when John Bogle created the first index fund in 1975, it was labelled Bogle’s folly. That a passive collection of stocks could outperform most professional money managers was considered […]

My Wish List For New Canadian Indexing Products

While Christmas has come and gone, I hope Canadians will have a few more indexing options in 2014.   Here’s my wish list, published in the Globe and Mail: Read My Article




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