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High School Personal Finance Classes: Are They Really Useless?


  Studies show that high school personal finance classes have no effect on adult spending and investing patterns.   I published my thoughts on the topic with Assetbuilder:  Read the Full Article

An Investment Opportunity With Two Chinas


Earlier this week, my wife Pele and I crouched beside a small fire, a handful of miles from the Chinese town of Yungshuo. Keeping us company was a school principal and an elementary teacher. The principal added charcoal to the wok-like pit as carbon monoxide rose from the flames. We weren’t on a winter camping […]

No Money No Honey!

Biology and sex appear to influence our financial decisions in very surprising ways.   To read more, check out my latest Assetbuilder article. Click here

How I Failed A Hedge Fund Manager

Many of my graduating high school students eventually land careers in finance.  That’s where the money is.  I live in Singapore, one of the world’s largest banking districts, so their aspirations make sense.  A rich private school, one block from Wall Street, would see much the same thing. A couple of years ago, one of […]

Are We Afraid of China Or Is China Afraid Of Us?

 Many people fear China’s capacity to economically take over the world. But I see things differently. Instead, China represent a few billion future customers for our brands. The west will profit from China. Here’s the Assetbuilder article that supports my claim

Revisiting Fundamental Index Funds

I have a weakness for fundamental indexes. No, I don’t own any…at least not yet. But philosophically, I agree with their premise. Recently, I wrote a Globe and Mail article about them, and based on Canadian-listed comparisons, they stacked up well. More recently, writing for Assetbuilder, I compared them again using products available on the […]

Why The Baby Boomers’ Children Should Hope For Falling Stock Prices

Women aspiring to run the Boston marathon train to meet a qualifying standard.  Before 1972, they had to do so much more. Barred from entering, they often cross-dressed for the interloping occasion with fake mustaches, capped heads, and compressed chests. Distance running was considered unsafe for females.  It wasn’t until 1984 that the first women’s […]

When Money Meets Misery

Is the world’s richest country really the most miserable?   My latest AssetBuilder article may have compelling proof     




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