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Why Bond Prices Don’t Concern Me

Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond (NYSEArca) 2NOV12

One of my readers asked me a question that I feel warrants a proper response here.  He asked me whether I’m afraid of a bond market crash, and the reader wondered whether bond markets can plunge like stock markets. The answer to both of those questions is no.  Bonds have had a great run lately, […]

Mispriced Bonds

Since June, 2010, I’ve been selling off large chunks of my bond portfolio. And today, my bond allocation is lower than it’s been in years. With a U.S. federal 10 year treasury note paying just 2.38%, bonds are very unattractive. And my Canadian bond index isn’t paying a heck of a lot more. The earnings […]

Beating the Market with Bonds

Years ago I read a great book by Michael O’Higgins, titled Beating the DOW with Bonds: A High-Return, Low-Risk Strategy for Outperforming the Pros Even When Stocks Go South. It made a lot of sense, and anyone following O’Higgins’ advice would have made a lot of money since its publication in 1999. When it was published, […]



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