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Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond (NYSEArca) (2NOV12) 36

Why Bond Prices Don’t Concern Me

One of my readers asked me a question that I feel warrants a proper response here.  He asked me whether I’m afraid of a bond market crash, and the reader wondered whether bond markets...


Mispriced Bonds

Since June, 2010, I’ve been selling off large chunks of my bond portfolio. And today, my bond allocation is lower than it’s been in years. With a U.S. federal 10 year treasury note paying...


Beating the Market with Bonds

Years ago I read a great book by Michael O’Higgins, titled Beating the DOW with Bonds: A High-Return, Low-Risk Strategy for Outperforming the Pros Even When Stocks Go South. It made a lot of sense,...

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