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Post-Cancer Perspectives and Triumphs

If you saw me in my bathing suit, you’d probably notice that my body bends like one of those rain forest trees straining at an angle to grab the sun’s rays. But I don’t...


My Worst Day’s Silver Lining

November 16th, 2009 wasn’t such a good day for me. I started it off reading a few pages of Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open. The guy was whining about hating tennis—complaining that he had always...


“Old Guys” win the Singapore Raw Duathlon

We overheard from some younger chaps, that a “bunch of old guys” won Singapore’s Raw Duathlon last Sunday, 26th April 2009–for the 5km run, 40km cycle, 5km run relay category. I certainly never considered...


Finishing First on the F1 Race Track

In September of last year, my parents came to visit me in Singapore.  And during their first evening, I dragged my keen but jet-lagged dad downtown to watch the world’s first Formula 1 night...

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