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Christmas 2012: Cycling the Chiang Mai/Mae Hong Son Loop


By the time we were 450 kilometers into our northern Thailand cycling vacation, my wife and I could have summited Everest.  The world’s highest peak stands 8,840 meters above sea level.  During our 800 km loop from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Song and back, we nearly cycled enough vertical feet to climb Everest twice. […]

Why I Think Your Car is Cheap!


If you’re feeling that your car is a money pit, I’m going to surprise you with a story that will have few worldwide equals. Lofty claim? Just keep reading; I think you’ll agree. My wife and I own a 2002 four door Mazda. It runs beautifully and it always has. But we live in Singapore, […]

Chilling out in Laos and Koh Chang


My wife and I just returned from a 20 day trip, taking us first to Chiang Rai, Thailand, across the Mekong River to Laos, and eventually back to Thailand, for a 6 day sojourn at an island about five hour’s drive from Bangkok, called Koh Chang. For what it’s worth, the first bit of advice […]

Retiring in Comfort—Without Ever Experiencing a Canadian Winter Again

I haven’t had to scrape frost off my car’s windshield for more than 8 years. I haven’t had to shovel a snowy path or driveway, and I haven’t had to put on a winter’s jacket–other than during a 2 week Christmas visit to my wife’s family in Pennsylvania. Eight years. No cold hands.

Stay Down Brother, Stay Down


I’ve visited more than 30 different countries. But this is my first visit here. For the past three days, I’ve been in a country where I can’t drink the water from the taps.  The poorest people have no access to running water—or electricity. From where I’m typing, I can see a Church, but I wonder: […]

Having a Foreign Affair – Part III


If you’re considering re-locating overseas for the adventure or for the financial benefits, the odds are good that if you have children enrolling in an international school, they’re probably going to enjoy the experience. Read their comments . But ensuring that they do, you’ll probably want to stay for more than a couple of years.  Children adapt […]

Having a Foreign Affair in SE Asia – Part II


When Linsey McMullen makes decisions about what courses she wants to take for the following school year, the 17 year old Indianapolis born American is similar to most North American girls her age.  If she’s an academic high-flyer interested in pursuing the sciences, she might choose AP Biology. If she’s keen to pursue Journalism or […]

Having a Foreign Affair


Kate rolls out of bed, and there’s a smell of fresh coffee in the air. Walking down the hallway into her open living room, a warm breeze comes through the open patio area.  Unlike a North American or European home, there isn’t a wall separating her living room from her backyard.  A large, tastefully extended […]




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