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Teaming Up For Financial Empowerment

One of the best things about writing Millionaire Teacher is seeing the legions of people who have read it and taken action.  I’m thrilled by how many hard-working people have learned to say no to the expensive products that are so popularly pushed by most financial advisors.  Financial education, after all, is the only way […]

Daily Money Shot Offering Free Copies of Millionaire Teacher


Jana, at Daily Money Shot, has written a cool review of Millionaire Teacher, and she’s giving away some free copies.    Check out her full review and the giveaway

Those Responsible For Millionaire Teacher’s Success

When I started writing Millionaire Teacher, I was laying in a hospital cancer ward bed.    The most entertainment I had was when the Chinese nurses forgot to put the “catching tray” under the toilet commode.   Trust me, I laughed harder than they did. They thought I was even screwier when I started writing a […]

Secrets of a Millionaire Teacher by Barbara Whelehan

By Barbara Whelehan · Friday, February 10, 2012   A new poll by the Pew Research Center reveals that the age at which children should be financially independent, according to parents, has crept up over the past decade. In 1993, 80 percent of parents said children should be independent by age 22. But in […]

Millionaire Teacher: North America’s Best Selling Investment Book?

While watching yesterday’s Time Square New Year celebration, a Facebook survey revealed the top 10 New Year’s resolutions.   Number 2 was no surprise—losing weight. But the number 1 resolution surprised me: saving more money. My publisher at John Wiley & Sons claims that January is a big month for personal finance books, as many people […]

The Crazy Success of Millionaire Teacher

My book’s publisher in Singapore, Nick Wallwork of John Wiley & Sons emailed me last week to say that Millionaire Teacher is the most successful book he has ever produced. Exactly what components come together to create a best-seller?  Obviously, the book has to be decent, but loads of great books go unpublished—and hundreds (even […]

Millionaire Teacher Counts Americans in Cuba

If you’re an American without family in Cuba, then the only way you can legally visit Castro’s old haunts is to beg your way through Havana. It’s an American law, not a Cuban one.  Americans aren’t allowed to spend money in Cuba, so any intrepid law-abiding travellers from the U.S. have to fly there from […]

New Shipment of Millionaire Teacher at

A new shipment of Millionaire Teacher is now available for purchase on Amazon Canada – Amazon USA should be receiving their new copies soon. Again, I’m very sorry for the delay.




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