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Vanguard’s Exchange Traded Funds Headed for Hong Kong

If you’re an investor based in Hong Kong or Singapore, your lowest cost options for a globally diversified portfolio are exchange-traded funds on the U.S. market.  The U.S. is an international supermarket—a place where you can buy New Zealand, Australian, Canadian, Asian… virtually any stock index you could ever want. Purchasing them, however, accompanies an […]

Investment Commissions Soon To Be Banned In The United Kingdom

Many people are still paying commissions to purchase investment products.   High commissions entice many investment advisors to jump into bed with the fund company offering the hottest (commission) action. Is that cool?  Nope.  And some countries are banning the practice.  In the United Kingdom, they’re banning such coziness.   And an upstanding suitor is […]

Why Canadians might actually say “No” to Vanguard

Canadians, it seems, would swarm around a newly proposed Vanguard investment option like a batch of northern Ontario mosquitoes to an open arm. And why not? As the famous, low cost provider of index funds, there’s no doubt that Vanguard offers the cheapest investment services on the planet. But if Vanguard moved to Canada, would […]

Pride and Prejudice

When investing, most people think they can find a genius to navigate the shark-infested waters of the stock market.  Pride Close your eyes and throw a blanket over the stocks on the New York stock exchange. Pretend that you have bought all of them for your investment account. Sound reckless?  It isn’t.

Vanguard Investments for Canadians – Why Not?

Living abroad as an expatriate gives me a pretty wide lens when comparing different investment products.  But without a doubt, the best investment service company in my view is Vanguard. The non profit mutual fund provider specializes in low cost indexes and mutual funds.  And we all know that low cost indexes, after all taxes […]



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