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andrew hallam

andrew hallam

I’m a financial columnist for Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail, as well as for AssetBuilder, a financial service firm based in Texas. I’m also the author of Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School (Wiley 2011) and The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing: From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat (Wiley 2015). My mission is to educate, motivate and inspire people on basic retirement planning and best practices for investing, using evidence-based strategies. I'm happy to comment on your questions. However, please read the Terms of Use.

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5 Responses

  1. Hey Andrew, love the post.

    Although I wrote my financial goals for 2011 on my blog a couple of weeks ago, I'll share this one again because it's very important for us:

    Goal # 6 – Build up our emergency fund to $10,000 before the end of 2011.


    We have some funds set aside for emergencies but not enough to satisfy our comfort level. Everyone has their own level and ours is $10 K. We don't know what the future will hold so any emergencies we need money for, we'll feel more secure about having some means to recover from them.

    I look forward to hearing how you kick some !@# in that upcoming race!

  2. @My Own Advisor

    Thanks Mark!

    I've often thought about having an emergency buffer, but I never have. You'd laugh at how "close the to wire" I get, sometimes, at the end of each month…generally because I invest so much of my income when I get paid!

    The way you do it is probably better than what I do. My emergency fund is my bond fund. And yeah, once or twice, I have had to sell shares of my bond index for some unplanned-for expenses.

    It takes discipline to save $10k to have as an emergency. But you're smart to do it!

  3. 101 Centavos says:

    Hi Andrew – love your motivation. Well done on your recovery.

    I try to write down little things to do on my notes clipboard. One of the goals I have this year is to plant at least 10 fruit trees. There, I've proclaimed it.

  4. @101 Centavos

    Nice work Centavos!

    Place that goal where you can see it!


  5. I shared my goals a bit after the new year, and while some of it seems to be two steps forward, one step back, the focus is on continual forward movement. Every time I read about what you've been able to accomplish, it serves as a kick in the behind!

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