Millionaire Teacher Ten Book Give-Away

everyone wants millionaire teacher book

I want to inspire ten young people to build wealth. 

For me, there’s no better way of doing that than giving away ten signed copies of my book, Millionaire Teacher.

It’s no panacea, but I think you’ll enjoy its quirkiness and easy readability.

It was a #1 Personal Finance bestseller on Amazon U.S.A., became a bestseller in Canada and—as crazy as this sounds—a bestseller in Taiwan.  Currently, it’s also selling well in Korea.

My publisher, John Wiley & Sons, is sponsoring the give-away on the date of my 500th blog post.  Go Wiley go!


To win a copy of Millionaire Teacher:

  • Firstly, sign up for my free “9 Laws To Financial Freedom” (the sign up form is to the right — you’ll need to confirm your email address and that will make it easier for me to contact you)
  • Then write up to 75 words in the comment section below, explaining why I should send you a free copy
  • One entry per person
  • Contest closes 6pm June 6th, 2013 (6:00pm Singapore Time UT+8)


My wife, who’s a better judge than I am, will select the ten best responses and winners will be notified on or before June 8th 2013.

I’ll then contact the winners, collect their addresses and ship the books out. A few days after that, I’ll post the winners and their comments on this website.

Wiley_Wordmark_blackGood luck… and thank you John Wiley & Sons.


PS You may only enter once, so make sure you’re 100% happy with your entry/comment before you press “submit”. Additional entries will be deleted.  Contest Rules.

PPS Already have a copy of Millionaire Teacher?  You can still enter, and if you win, I’ll sign a book and send it to whomever you nominate.

PPPS As a Reader of my Blog, have your say and please let me know what you think about my contest by clicking one of the boxes below!




Andrew Hallam

I’m a financial columnist for Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail, as well as for AssetBuilder, a financial service firm based in Texas. I’m also the author of Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School and Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas. My mission is to educate, motivate and inspire people on basic retirement planning and best practices for investing, using evidence-based strategies. I'm happy to comment on your questions.

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47 Responses

  1. Cole says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I read your book several years ago which was the starting point on my financial journey that I am currently on. I’m a teacher and I teach a personal finance to all my seniors using the basic philosophy outlined in your book. I have devoured every piece of financial literacy that I could get my hands on since reading your book. I don’t remember the name of the 100 or so books that I’ve read since. I suppose that your book was the inspiration that led me down my current path.
    That path has led me to take the series 65 exam (which I passed). I’m about 45-60 days away from opening an Independent Investment Advisory business. Not to get too financially geeky, but all my clients will be in Vanguard or Schwab Index funds and ETF’s, because it’s the right way to help people invest. I charge 50 basis points or less. I don’t plan on making much money, but I have passion for investing and enjoy helping people to achieve financial independence.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Toby says:

    After realising that the Zurich Vista account I signed up for and paid into was not performing as expected I started reading books about passive indexing. I read several that
    were recommended on Amazon. I enjoyed books by William Bernstein and Jack Bogle amongst others.

    I read a lot on the Internet and eventually found your website. I read through the posts on your website in a couple of days. I was hooked. I ordered your book and read it on my e-reader. Reading your book was like turning on the light for me. I talked with my wife and she read your book too. I read all the books you recommended on your ‘books’ page. The alternative would be to keep adding to the policy for 23 more years which I could not do emotionally. I had put the Zurich policy on hold to stop the payments because I was so upset with the policy in general. I was doing everything I could not to add money to it. My wife and I finally agreed that we would cancel the Zurich policy and take the ten thousand dollar loss putting that down to a bad experience.

    We started adding to a brokerage account we opened overseas. We really saved hard because we understood our investment now and that we were not getting our blood sucked out of us through fees. We bought VTI (Vanguard Total Stock Market – 30%), VEA (Vanguard Developed Countries Index – 30%), BSV (Vanguard Short Term Bonds Index – 30%) and ISHG (iShares Developed Countries Short Term Government Bonds Index – 10%). We will make the bond allocations equal at 20% each in the long term. They are skewed at present because we try to only one transaction whenever we send money to the account.

    We are very happy now and have double the amount of money in this account that we had in the Zurich policy. We look forward to adding money to our portfolio instead of doing everything we can to avoid it. We add to the laggard and keep the ETFs loosely in the weightings they should be. Your book was the catalyst for us. The other books we read were excellent too but they did not give the exact next step on how to carry out the move. They somehow felt less accessible than your book (we are not from North America). Your book gave us the confidence and the knowledge to make the change.

    My wife and I are both high school teachers so we understand the importance of word limits. Considering this is not an assessed assignment i thought you woukdnt mind if i gave more detail. Here are the 75 words:

    Why do we deserve a signed copy? Well, we have an electronic copy on our e-reader but we don’t have a hard copy. I would like to have a signed hard copy of your book as you made such a positive change in our lives. That would also mean I could show the book to people when I mention your name, it is easier to show a hard copy than a protected electronic copy.
    74 words.

    Thank you for the positive change you made on our lives.


  3. Yeo Yungsen says:

    Being a teacher myself, I have been completely inspired by your teachings and insights gleaned from your website and the PDF version I could request from your blog. I used to wonder about the path towards Financial Freedom and having read so many books I was still in the wilderness. Your teachings have opened up my eyes to a whole new dimension on this topic of personal finance. Just trying my luck but will still get it on my own anyway!

  4. Luke Wilson says:

    Hey Andrew,
    I don’t remember how I heard about your book but I bought it just before flying back to Australia from Canada. I enjoyed it so much I finished it on the flight home. I found it so east to read for someone not from a finance background (I’m a physiotherapist) and it made sense. I would love another copy to share with my brother (who is an actor and thus doesn’t have consistent income) and don’t want to give him mine as I still like to refer to it.



  5. Wayne Quenneville says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I am a 36 year old Canadian who is a certified teacher and have lived abroad for the last 10 years. I bought my first RRSP when I was 16 and have been actively investing since, of course not during those university years. Despite the diversification within my portfolio I have only seen minimal gains. I’ve worked with 3 different financial advisors and read countless books on investment strategies. With the addition of my 2 girls (Isabella age 3 and Elizabeth age 1), their RESPs and my retirement plans are even more vital. I hope your book will be the next step in my path to financial security.



  6. Pravin says:

    Because that will be a good reward for person who is following you from long time, word by word 🙂

    Its very difficult to quantify in 75 words how much value your book will provide me and stop me from costly mistakes in the market.

  7. F Dietrich says:

    With “25 being the new 15”, it is now more imperative than ever to get your Nine Rules into the hands of every hs senior. If college graduates are boomeranging back into their parents’ basements as much as the media suggests, at least they would have had an opportunity to get a preview of what they need to think about as they develop their Plan B.

  8. Teo Jun Jie says:

    Building wealth is important for everybody, as all master their OWN destiny. It wasn’t taught in schools, hence necessary for self learning. I’m 21, will be entering workforce after education later this decade. Wouldn’t it be best time to build up a pool of knowledge to help myself start early? I believe in early self-help, in order to be able to help others in future! (At least I try!) The first step begins now!

  9. jorge says:

    With pending crash coming soon, the fiat currency of US is going to crumble as the chinese are purchasing assets in US and rest of the world. By having this book, it might mitigate the pending deep recession in north america.

    By buying physical gold is the only solution, if germany asks for their gold from the US, this may trigger the collaspse of US dollar. We only accept faith in the dollar not backed by anything.

    So start buying gold, its a good safety net for your family and yourself.

  10. Yu Ting says:

    Hi Andrew,

    An accidental discovery of your website have led me on my passive investment path at the age of 22, saving me from my speculative self 1 year earlier. My successful returns of 3%/annum have since given me great confidence to help my friends with their investment journeys. Your website is always the first thing I share with them and I hope that with your physical book, I can do more to spread the word.

    Best wishes
    Yu Ting

  11. AnnA Se says:

    The Universe says that when you ask a question, the teacher will show up.

    Well, I did and you, Andrew Hallam showed up. So simple by me just browsing the financial book aisle and Voila! discovering your book — (wish it could have been years ago….LoL…) and now, would be an added bonus for a ‘signed’ copy!


  12. Tim Gascoigne says:

    In 75 words here is why I feel I should get a copy of your book, “Millionaire Teacher”:

    I am totally sold on your laws and principles and I have shared your ideas with friends and family. Your 9 Laws to Financial Freedom inspired me to rethink my money. I am 31 and an international teacher and feel that I am at a pinnacle point to either “get it right” or “let it go down the toilet” – I want to get it right soon and hope by reading your book I will be better equipped with the tools to do so.

    Thanks for your blog which is very informative and inspiring.

  13. sendaiben says:

    I have an e-copy of your book, and found it incredibly helpful to get my ideas straight on personal finance.

    I’m also a teacher working in Japan, and as part of my extensive reading course I would love to have a copy of Millionaire Teacher to lend out to students (we mainly use graded readers, but exceptionally keen students who read 700,000 words in a semester can then go on to read regular books).

    I think it would help them too 😉

  14. phyllis says:

    Hi andrew,i started learning about financial literacy after the US financial crisis in 2008 which taught me an important lesson on risk and debts management. The European financial crisis reiterates the importance of debts management. I picked up Your book last year when i read about your book in the interview in the SUnday caught my interest on how a teacher in singapore can be a millionaire. Then,i read in your blog where i learn about investing in the indexes. It dawn on me that i could learn this method of investing and pass it on to my girl this simple method of investing. So long that i can impart knowledge to my girl on debt and cashflow management and the your complimentary method index investing, i would have taught her a life skill and that will set me at ease if i were to die later. I think this is all the worries a parent have and can do in their simple way. I had begin can to teach my girl little concepts on index investing and will continue to do so. If i could get a copy of the book, i will gift it to my girl as my deepest love to her.

  15. Chia Yu Ping says:



    Eversince I saw your interview with Channelnewsasia in Singapore, I am deeply impressed that a school teacher like you can managed to achieve financial freedom.

    As I come from a humble background, hence I have been working hard but not smart enough to achieve financial freedom like you. Even though I have some investments in equities, bond, and unit trusts, but I don’t seem to be able to achieve a decent returns from my investments.

    Hence I would appreciate and grateful if you could send a copy of your book to me so that I can gain invaluable knowledge from your book.


    Best Regards


  16. Hugo Landry says:

    The reason why I should win the signed book is very simple: I bought your book a couple of years ago. Read it twice back to back. And re-read bits and pieces more often too! Since I thought it was so helpful, I know I lent it to someone, but sadly I can’t remember who… I asked a few people and they all said no (one of them is probably lying!). It’s been several months now and I don’t think it’s ever coming back. So I need a new copy! As simple as that!
    Thanks for the wealth of information!

  17. Hi Andrew,
    It was a joy to read your book Millionaire Teacher and your publication “Nine laws of Financial Freedom”.
    I am 60 years old and have been for the last 35 years living and working in social projects in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America and never had my attention too much on financing. I have never really received a salary, just a stipend and upkeep in the places I have worked together with my wife with whom I have been working together for the past 22 years in the same projects.
    My knowledge of the financial world and how it operates is vague. My mother recently passed away and left a little inheritance for each of her children. She had a good part of this in a financial institution called “Friends Provident International”.
    I decided to do some research on Google concerning FRIENDS and similar institutions with the thought of reinvesting my part again for the benefit of my wife and I and came upon your blog and comments you made regarding such financial institutions and the high taxes they charge. This caught my attention and I ordered your book, which threw a lot of light on the stock market and investing as a whole. I then decided to look for an alternative for my investment. Since the money is in pounds sterling, I thought to put the funds in an institution to avoid loss from exchange (I live in Brazil). I thought of HSBC and opened a Premium account with them. Then I looked again at your blog and saw that you had favorable words for the UK tracker funds offered by HSBC, so again your advice on HSBC’s tracker funds has given me a point to start that may be of help for using part of the funds I now have as a security for my coming later days.
    I feel that your book and ideas should reach as many people as possible, especially college students who need this vision to help them plan and organize the material aspect of their lives. Hope you will have your book available in several languages soon, including Portuguese.
    Best regards and congratulations on the great work you are doing.

  18. Carol Gamble says:

    Why should I be chosen to win a copy of your book? I can pretty much sum it up in two words, not 75. Connor and Carson. Those are the names of my two sons (ages 9 and 10). I want to teach them how to live sound, financial lives and not make the mistakes that my husband and I have made. Thank you!

  19. Jeannie says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Your book is fantastic, and I hope I win a copy. In fact, my first real blog post was a review on your book!
    I like your writing style and I find your book to be a perfect mix of enjoyable and educational. It was my little side project this summer to go through personal finance books at the local bookstore and your book is my absolute favourite so far. I hoping re-reading Millionaire Teacher periodically will keep me on track on my journey to achieve financial freedom.

  20. Rohan says:

    Andrew, this is my entry for the book giveaway.

    I feel I deserve the book because I will do all I can to share the love and learning. 🙂 I’ve already begun doing so – here are a few examples –

    1. I blog every day on and my next sunday book learning series (coming up over the next 5 weeks) is on personal finance and the sources are The Investors Manifesto, I Will Teach You to be Rich and The Millionaire Teacher

    2. Here is a link to my interview with William Bernstein – [ed. link removed – no longer functioning] – your book makes a cameo appearance 🙂

    3. I am working on a new initiative called “The LearnoGraphic project.” Our first LearnoGraphic on willpower is up on
    The next one is (you guessed it).. personal finance and investing. Again thanks to the 3 books mentioned above.

    4. I shared a review of your book on my book review blog –

    5. 1 other friend has already joined me in buying a copy. There will be many more buyers.. would be nice to give one as a gift. 🙂

  21. David J. Potter says:

    I need a signed copy of M.T. because I have given my copy to my son in law who is a budding investor/market player. He needs the guidance and wisdom Andrew supplied me when I needed advice in this matter. My brother (who gave me the book) and I have been researching and investing in the market for over twenty years now . Andrew’s book gave us the rationalle to make the whole thing pay over the long term.
    There was much more , but I cut it to appx. 75 words
    David Potter

  22. Kevin Kotyk says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I would love a signed copy of your book because your influence has changed the way I invest. I used to be a “stock picker” and had some successes and some failures. You taught me speculating is not the way to build wealth for the long term, but having low cost etfs and rebalancing is a simple and proven strategy for those who are patient and wise. I’d love to have your book as a permanent resource to sit prominently on the edge of my standing desk workstation.

    I’d be thrilled to be a winner if you’d like to have me as one!

    Best Regards,

  23. Alissa says:

    I am really hoping to win a copy of this book!! I was able to read it on loan from the local library and have actually converted my locked in RSP to the TD E-series funds as suggested by Andrew…and have been doing very well with it- Thank you! I am a single mom who rarely has extra money for books, and I would like to win this book because I am DESPERATELY trying to teach my 16 year old the building blocks of personal finance. She will be off to University in about a year and I would really love to be able to give her this book, it was a lifesaver for me and I hope to give her the best financial advice I can so she will financially secure for the rest of her life- and I think this book is a big part of that. Good luck to all the other respondents- but PLEASE PICK ME! 🙂 Thanks!

  24. Steve White says:

    As a fellow British Columbian and a newly designated Chartered Accountant, I’m proud of you for the way that you’ve simplified saving and investing for people. I’m delighted that you’ve made a book I can recommend that boils down some simple rules for people, in a world where things are too complicated and folks become overwhelmed. Thank you for helping peoples’ future selves, to an extent that you’ll probably never know. Seventy-five words (including these:).

  25. eugenie says:

    I have 4 young kids and since they’re still not teaching the nine rules of wealth at school, its up to me – with the help of your book – to do just that:-)
    A signed copy will be just cool – for this generation motivated by cool!

  26. Quek Fong Yong says:

    Hi, Andrew!

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your generosity and kindness in sharing your financial and investing knowledge with the world. I will be 22 this year.

    We live in a financial world where there is too much salesmanship, and not enough stewardship, too much marketing, and not enough passive management, too much cost, and not enough value.

    Thus, there is a need for more financial crusaders through financial education. Thank you! 🙂

  27. Rochelle says:

    Please send me a signed copy because I don’t have one yet ^_^ and because I am young. But most of all, because I am one of million Filipinos who choose to work overseas for better opportunity and will be migrating to Australia soon to see if I could find that “greener pasture” as it is usually referred to. However, ultimately, my heart still wishes to go back in the Philippines, because maybe I don’t have to be anywhere else to be financially free, but home.

    More power and thank you for your very informative and inspiring blog.

  28. Jason says:


    I am a big fan or yours and I love your book. A financial course should be mandatory in all high schools and your book should be part of the curriculum = )

    One question, what are the disadvantages of index funds? I cannot think of any = )

  29. Fong FC says:

    Hi Andrew,

    You got 10 books to give away and I’m the 30th person to tell you why I should get your book. Chances are low you’ll select me. The reason is a simple one ; I don’t have your book and had not read it. Tried borrowing it from the National Library and it’s always loaned out. I’m 52 and planning to retire in 10 years time. Would truly like to read your book and put my financial life in order before it is too late to do anything. There are just too many con-men out there after my hard earned life savings. I would be grateful if you can help me build up a good nest egg for retirement.

    Thank you and looking forward you contacting me.

  30. Jamie Montpellier says:

    Simple, I want to share with my students the same kind of wisdom you’ve shared with yours. I teach business classes here a french canadian high school and unfortunately the french resources are limited in this category. This would enable me to take the first step towards spreading the gift of wealth.



  31. George Theodoridis says:

    Dear Andrew,
    At age 45 I was enthralled to discover that I have made every mistake you describe in your wonderful and giving book “Millionaire Teacher”.

    My step-son Max is about to finish university and I would be thrilled to give him a signed copy of the financial philosophy that forgives my errors and encourages a sound, stable financial future.

    You are a great humanitarian Mr. Hallam.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    George Theodoridis

  32. TJ says:

    I have a bit of money but I have no idea how or where to invest it. There are too many books out there but I don’t know where to start. Seriously confused and need direction. I’ve been following Andrew’s blog for a few months now and thats how i realized that Millionaire Teacher would be a great starting point to put an end to my aimlessness, get some direction and start making informed decisions.

  33. J. M. says:

    I’m a Canadian teaching overseas at an American school and joined a Financial Discussion group after school. After your book was mentioned in our group, I immediately checked it out of our school library. I greatly enjoyed your book, but couldn’t finish it as it had to be returned to our school library: there was already a waiting list for it! So I promise, if you were to give me a signed copy of your book, I would 1) finish reading it and 2) donate it to our school library so that we may have two copies available for teachers to check out!

  34. Gabrielle says:

    I found your page because I randomly decided to search for the terms “Millionaire” and “teacher” just to see if ANYTHING came up. I was happy to see your website! I’m interested in entering for a free copy of your book. I have been a teacher for over 10 years and want to build a solid financial future like you. As you know, a teacher does not earn a huge salary, so a good financial strategy is so important. I would love to read your advice! PICK ME! 🙂

  35. Shine Divakaran says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I was introduced to you from Scott Burns site and found your articles educational. After which i purchased a kindle version of your book. If i win this i would like to gift this book to my son who is coming of age. When i was his age there were few avenues to guide me and the ones that i got i have realized that they were not right. I could have him read the kindle version but at his age his mind wanders and also i would like to highlight some of the key areas which i have done good and hope and pray that he gets the message. I hope i can set him in the right path to a happy prosperous life ahead.
    Thank You,

  36. Dea says:

    Hey Andrew,

    I’m 27 and have always been interested in money. My mom thought I would become an accountant due to my love of money but I became a biologist. I’ve been learning all I can about value investing to help my money grow and ensure a comfortable future. I’ve already espoused your financial ideas to those around me and I should probably read the book. Please send a copy! I’ll keep encouraging others to buy it!


  37. Emily says:


    Thank you for giving us the chance to win a free book! Your words are inspirational and have removed my fear of investing. I realize that an average young person like myself can be smart about their money and grow their wealth. Many people deserve your free book but I hope you choose me so that I can further my knowledge and become a role model to my own family/friends in financial literacy and management.


  38. Rachel Gawith says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter. I came across your blog when searching for others that had been duped into investing with Friends Provident and stung by their high charges. I am currently looking at being well over 100 grand down after being advised to invest in a policy with them a few years ago. The whole administration of my account has been a farce.

    I must now be on my 4th financial advisor in as many years and feel I am getting nowhere except poorer. I have some spare cash and now want to take control of my own investing so a copy of your book (whether signed, paperback or digital would be great). I did search for a digital version on Amazon but it said title not available.

    Eager to get started with investments and start building up lost wealth again. Hope I get lucky with your competition.

  39. Jason says:

    Energized and motivated, I am a young Australian driven to break free from the shackles of working for someone else. In a world with uncertain economic future for nearly every country, building personal wealth is paramount. My current goal is one of total diversification (citizenship, business, assets, domicile) however there is always more to learn. I have read very positive reviews of your book and would love to read it myself.


  40. Philip says:

    I intend on giving your book as a wedding gift to my brother in-law who is getting married on June 9. I believe that financial matters must be discussed by both husband and wife especially at the beginning of their marriage. A lot of couples avoid discussing money because it can be complicated but your book is very easy to understand and I believe will serve as an excellent guide for them.

  41. Eric Kruger says:

    As an international teacher in Shanghai and frugal saver, I related to you book on many levels. Obviously the salary did not draw me to teaching, but rather the hope that I’d get to work with amazing kids and maybe inspire a few of them. Your book has helped show me that through disciplined and wise investments in low cost index funds I can gain financial security while doing a job that I love. It also reinforced my personal beliefs to live like you want to grow wealth rather than simply appear wealthy. Thank you!

  42. Neil says:

    Within 30 days of reading your book (amazon ebook), I had cancelled my Generali account, used the pitiful amount I got back to pay off all my outstanding debts, and went down to Hong Kong to open a proper account. For some strange reason, my fellow teachers come to me for advice about financial matters and I constantly refer them to your book. A paper edition would be nice so I could show them directly.
    Oh, there is a fellow teacher here who was one of your students years ago and he said he liked you. Hopefully that counts for something as well.

  43. Tom says:

    Hello Andrew,

    Two years ago I bought your book before my first son was born. My wife and I are both teachers so living on a teacher’s salary is tough. Your book taught us what we can do to without financial planners. I was assigned a first year teacher to mentor him throughout the year, so I have given him my copy of your book due to the various financial planners that wanted to invest his money. I would enjoy a signed copy for my mentee or another copy for myself.

    Thanks for all you do with your website and book.

  44. Khanh Nguyen says:

    An average person with middle class income can become wealthy with sound investment is an inspiring idea. My family is also middle class but from a very different part of the world. We live in Vietnam where financial market is highly regulated and people have no access to international market or financial products like ETFs. Luckily my sister, who is only a scholarship in Singapore, became a PR recently and I put all my saving of recent graduate in securities investment according to your principles. I have a plan to persuade my parents who keep all their saving in cash deposit to start investing. A signed copy of “Millionaire Teacher” by a global bestselling author is the beginning of my journey to bring my family to a stable financial future.

  45. Suharyono says:

    “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. This saying is true for this book.

    It exactly shows and teaches us the beauty of index investing method and how to construct a simple and prudent portfolio. There is wisdom about investing and financial knowledge in this book.

    I want to follow this simple proven method religiously to achieve my own financial objectives and to share this precious book with others.

  46. Deve Soh says:

    Hi Mr Andrew Hallam & Wife,

    Firstly thank you for this nice gesture and congratulations on your 500th blog post. I’ve the privilege of reading your philosophy in “Nine Laws to Financial Freedom.” and find them at once beneficial and relevant to my previously “non-existent” financial literacy. It would make my day if you could send me an autographed copy of your work “Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School” so that I can l build on this new-found knowledge and apply them both in my daily (financial) life as well as empower and improve the lives of people around me here in Singapore so that they too can start building their own wealth & literacy and pay it forward too 🙂

  47. The contest has now ended on 6/6/13 at 6pm. No more entries will be accepted after this comment. To all who entered, many thanks for your entries. I’ll be in touch with the winners before the 8th June.