Retired Couple Lives Footloose And Fancy Free With Index Funds


I spoke with an inspiring couple that retired nearly a quarter of a century ago….when they were just 38 years old.

If you struck up a midweek conversation with Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, you might peg them as early retirees. And you would be right. The energetic 61-year-olds share the glow of a couple freed from the rat race. But a few things make them different. For starters, they have been retired for 23 years. They also travel the globe.

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Andrew Hallam

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  2. Peter says:

    Would have loved to read the article BUT the G+M has a paywall after 10 articles. Notwithstanding the fact they just got their “journalists” to agree to byline advert articles that aren’t identified as such.(Imagine a bank or Real Estate Co pumping a product under the guise of “news”) Scary! Needless to say the G+M wont be getting any subscriptions and Alas I wont be able to read about the retired couple………….

    And yes, I did purchase the millionaire teacher 🙂

    Very cool captcha by the way……..brilliant really

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