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Imagine the government rounding up people.

Those exceeding grade 8 educations, come this way.
You wear glasses.  You must be smart.  Step forward please.

Cambodia’s leader, Pol Pot, did this between 1975 and 1979.  His goal?  To eliminate the educated.  He viewed them as threats to his regime.  In just a few short years, genocide reduced the country’s population by 25 percent.

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Andrew Hallam

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  1. Carla says:

    Hi Andrew. I discovered your book from the “young and thrifty” blog…
    I appreciate your mention of what a “threat” that education can be perceived as for dictatorships.
    Unfortunately I still run into obstacles simply because I am a woman and love to stay on top of things. You’d be surprised at the looks I get simply because I read the Globe and Mail publicly. One might think that it’s “safer” for a gal like me just to dumb down and wear a nicer hair do…. then to brave the raised eyebrows and keep learning and growing.

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