Jim Winkleman — Saint Louis, Missouri

Jim Winkelmann, Blue Ocean Portfolios. Index Fund Advisor For Expatriate Americans. Minimum Account Size: $50,000


Please tell us a little about yourself professionally, including your qualifications.

I began my career in 1982. Bought and sold brokerage firms, managed and distributed mutual funds, served as Chairman of the Missouri Securities Industry Association – have a keen understanding of how the wealth management industry works. .


Please tell us something about you, as a person

I went back to business school at Harvard when I was 49 years old. I’m a published author, married 25 years to the same woman. I’m also the father of three honor students – the oldest is a National Science Foundation Fellow pursuing his PhD in Engineering at Northwestern.


 Could you give us an introduction to your firm?

 Based in St. Louis, Missouri Blue Ocean Portfolios is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm that uses low cost index funds and ETFs to manage client portfolios.


What is the minimum account size requirement you have, in order for a person to become a client?



Why do you only build portfolios of low cost index funds or ETFs for your clients?

ETFs have the most efficient accounting structure and are ideal for fiduciaries to implement for their client holdings.


Could you give us an idea of the kind of services you offer, as well as your charges?

  If they differ, based on circumstances, could you give us a few examples? Blue Ocean Portfolios charges a fiduciary fee of 1.00% on the first $500,000 of assets. Our largest account of $9.4 million pays about 0.20%


 Could you give us your contact details and your firm’s website?




  • Contact: Jim Winkelmann
  • Company Name: Blue Ocean Portfolios, LLC
  • Address: 1588 S. Lindbergh, Suite 205, Saint Louis, MO 63131
  • Email: Jim@BlueOceanPortfolios.com
  • Website: http://www.BlueOceanPortfolios.com
  • Phone: 314-997-7400

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