Facebook Users: Does Anyone Really Care What You Ate For Lunch?

My friend, Eric, asks a lot of questions.

He pokes and ponders things that many people don’t. He even wrote a book for high school kids that reflect his thoughts: 50 Questions Every Graduate Should Answer.

This summer, while visiting Eric, he criticized something I posted on Facebook.

The previous week, I had bumped into a bodybuilder on a beach in Thailand. We did a few exercises. Then I asked my wife, “Hey, could you take a photo of us, side by side?” I posted the picture on Facebook. “I met Arnold Schwarzenegger Jr. at a beach in Phuket today,” I wrote. “This might make a pretty good ‘before and after’ shot.”

The guy made Thor and Captain America look like prepubescent kids.

But Eric challenged the reason I posted it. “Your facebook friends said you looked pretty good in that picture. Were you fishing for an online compliment?”

Image by Pixabay

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4 Responses

  1. Barry says:

    I thought Facebook was for your family and friends to see what you’re up to and how you’re going. Some people can get a bit “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” or post such things as “Just left the hospital.” Were you visiting? Were you injured? Are you really going to make me ask?
    The link here is what Facebook would be like in Real Life (comedy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xzxt1sJ3RzI

  2. John says:

    Women use social media seeking validation. It boosts their ego. Maybe it is like narcissistic supply. Many women, especially the younger generations, have proto-narcissistic personalities. When females post a a picture of themselves making duck face while wearing problem glasses and showing cleavage just watch all of the thirsty men post comments like, “Gorgeous!” and “Beautiful.” Even women who have hit the wall engage in this attention seeking behavior.

    Andrew, in order to read your posts, readers must click on the link to go to the other website. Then, after we are finished reading the article, we have to come back here to read or post comments on that article. It’s a cumbersome arrangement.

  3. Mark Zoril says:

    Really! Maybe it is me, but after using a computer for 30 + years and the internet for 20 years or so, I didn’t find clicking the link and hitting the back arrow after reading the article all that cumbersome!!

  4. Jen says:

    John your words against women are vitriolic and immature. Instead of berating some people…men and women…for the selfishness Es they post try and have empathy for the reason or need they have to do that. And remember this….apparently women live longer than men….one of these ‘narcissistic’ women (hopefully financially savy from reading this blog) might be caring for u when u are old and perhaps frail in the form of a partner or care assistant ( won’t be me though)…so be careful..might be wise not to not show this seemingly predjudicial side of yourself so publically on a world wide public forum.
    You also do not have to read Andrew,s blog if you find it cumbersome.

  5. no one has more first hand experience helping expat investors

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