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Advising on expat tax matters requires a tax specialist — introducing Vincenzo Villamena, a US CPA and founder of Online Taxman and Global Expat Advisors. Vincenzo has a team of accountants that have helped thousands of US expats and entrepreneurs abroad to navigate the complex US tax system and optimize their tax situation. The experienced team of expat tax accountants know the expat lifestyle first hand and there are team members are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. If you are an American expat or a foreigner invested in the US, do get in touch to asses your situation. Click the link for your free consultation* and let them know you are coming from


Vincenzo Villamena

US CPA & Expat Accountant


Phone: +1.646.400.0046




Welcome Vincenzo, please tell us a little about yourself professionally, including your qualifications and position at your firm.

My name is Vincenzo Villamena and I am a US CPA and the founder of Online Taxman and Global Expat Advisors.

I left work at a Big 4 accounting firm in New York City to focus on helping expats and entrepreneurs abroad with their US taxes. I also specialize in offshore structuring for US entrepreneurs abroad and US real estate transactions by foreign nationals and funds. I travel the world to conferences and summits to be a thought leader in this field and meet other lawyers and accountants in different jurisdictions to make contacts and understand new strategies.

Due to the increasing number of expats and digital nomads, demand for these services is growing, and so is my firm. We have a great team in place to help expats navigate the complex US tax system and optimize their tax situation. Over the years, my team and I have helped thousands of expats with tax planning and filing their US tax obligations.


Please tell us something about you, as a person.

Just like many of our clients, I love to travel and explore new cultures. It gives us new perspective and appreciation for many things we take for granted. Earlier this year for example, we travelled with a group of friends to a remote tribe in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and experienced an incredible spiritual retreat. We decided to help the tribe to get more visibility by creating a website and spreading the word. This gives them income opportunity as well as a way to share their culture.


Could you give us an introduction to your firm and your team?

Online Taxman provides US expat tax services worldwide. We work with individuals and companies. As a full service provider, we optimize tax, banking solutions and business structures for the global needs of entrepreneurs, and keep them compliant with US tax requirements year after year. We have been providing these services to entrepreneurs and small businesses for many years under the umbrella of our tax firm Online Taxman.

To serve our entrepreneurial and corporate clients better, I created Global Expat Advisors to focus on global structuring and offshoring solutions, while Online Taxman continues to provide hassle-free US tax preparation services.

We spend all year round recruiting experts from Big 4 firms and training our current team to be aware of the latest regulations. Not only do we know about taxes, but our team of experienced expat tax accountants knows the expat lifestyle first hand. Team members are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Could you give us an idea of the kind of services your firm offers, and how or why it differs from the standard accountancy firm?

We are experts in expat taxes and provide all types of US and expat tax services. Expat tax situations have their own specific requirements and tax savings opportunities that many US based CPAs are not familiar with. Our expat tax team works with each client to ensure compliance, minimize tax liability and maximize refunds.

We work with a wide range of clients, from American employees, contractors and business owners abroad, to part-time US residents and non-residents who invest in the US.

As a global firm with clients all over the world, we don’t have a brick and mortar office. Instead all transactions and communication are done securely online. This allows us to offer better service at a more reasonable price point.


You deal with US Tax system. Could you elaborate on Americans who will benefit from your services?

Any US taxpayer with international financial aspects would benefit from our specialised expertise. For example Americans earning income while living abroad, or running or investing in a business abroad could benefit from certain deductions and exemptions for their specific situation. Americans investing abroad and foreigners seeking investments in the US must be aware of the pitfalls and reporting requirements based on their situation. Additionally we can help American entrepreneurs with global businesses to set up right company structure to benefit from tax savings opportunities.


There are even circumstances where foreigners benefit by being your client. Would you tell us why or who that might be?

Foreigners that invest in the U.S., for example in real estate, MLPs or US stock may have to file a US tax return.

Also foreigners who have a U.S. LLC, even without any other U.S. presence, can earn income through these companies and not pay tax in the US. The US is one of the largest tax havens in the world for companies with no US owners and no presence in the US.  We help analyse if this structure can be a good fit for a business and the subsequent reporting requirements as well.


What are you charges / fees? Do you charge by the hour or have an annual fee, or some other pricing structure?

Our fees vary depending on the specific tax situation. Therefore we start with a free tax consultation to assess the situation and then give the fixed quote. Our service fee not only includes the current tax preparation but also answering tax questions throughout the year. To schedule your free tax consultation, click the link below.

Make sure you tell them you came from!



  • The Free Consultation is only available from This consultation is most suited to US expats; including teachers, digital nomads, and Americans living abroad.
  • At, the arrangement is different. The initial consultation is US$200 for 30 minutes or US$300 for 60 minutes. Should you decide to retain Global Expat Advisors, the Initial consultation fee will be credited to your first bill — effectively making that first consultation free. This initial consultation is with a foreign structuring and tax expert, who will answer your questions regarding setting up a business offshore, tax implications, asset protection, assignment planning, and more. During the consultation you will receive actionable advice and guidance on those matters for your specific situation. From this point you can implement the plan yourself, book more consultations with us as needed, or engage Global Expat Advisors to execute the plan. 




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