Author: Andrew Hallam


How Snakes In Suits Make Money

Robert D. Hare has met a few real-life Hannibal Lecters. Lecter was the sophisticated psychopath in the film, Silence of the Lambs. He was a social genius who sometimes ate his victims. Dr. Hare, a psychology professor at the University of...


Millionaire Expat Shakes Up Snakes In Suits

  Robert D. Hare wrote a fascinating book called Snakes In Suits. He says roughly one percent of the male population is a psychopath.  That doesn’t mean they hide people in their freezers.  Some might.  Most of them, however, don’t...


401(k) Platforms For International Teachers: Isn’t It Smarter To Admit That I Can’t See The Future?

Plenty of American teachers have asked me about 401(k) platforms for international teachers. Such platforms promise tax-free investment gains. In other words, the teacher doesn’t have to pay U.S. tax on the front end (because of the foreign income exclusion)...