Author: Andrew Hallam


Millionaire Expat Shakes Up Snakes In Suits

  Robert D. Hare wrote a fascinating book called Snakes In Suits. He says roughly one percent of the male population is a psychopath.  That doesn’t mean they hide people in their freezers.  Some might.  Most of them, however, don’t...


401(k) Platforms For International Teachers: Isn’t It Smarter To Admit That I Can’t See The Future?

Plenty of American teachers have asked me about 401(k) platforms for international teachers. Such platforms promise tax-free investment gains. In other words, the teacher doesn’t have to pay U.S. tax on the front end (because of the foreign income exclusion)...


Is This The Key To Living Longer?

None of us know how long we’re going to live. We might look at life-expectancy tables. We might estimate our end-dates based on lifestyle and age. Statistically, people who smoke or live an unhealthy lifestyle don’t live as long. Those...