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Lizards and Pigs Edition

Millionaire Teacher Talks: January – May 2017 11 Countries; 81 Talks; 39 Schools   Last night, we visited some new friends outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Pele and I sat on their outdoor teak chairs, under a huge outdoor fan. ...


Five Countries To Thailand

We traveled along a 2-lane road.  But there were four cars abreast as far as we could see.  This was Cairo.  In Egypt, every car is a bumper car.  All the dents and scrapes just prove it. Our taxi driver...


Middle Of The Middle East Tour – 2017

At the end of last summer, I posted pictures of our cycling trip while we cycled through Europe.  Friends saw the pictures on Facebook.  Before we knew it, educators invited us into their homes and asked me to speak at...