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How to Get Rich

Daisy Chan, of Woman’s Day magazine, profiled me, along with two other people who turned a small amount of money into…more than a small amount. Self-made fortunes all begin the same way: with a good idea and some startup cash....

Investing Mistakes: Fear and Greed 1

Investing Mistakes: Fear and Greed

Here’s a Millionaire Teacher radio interview that aired on BFM 89.9 Malaysian radio recently.   I’m talking about the foolishness of chasing high investment returns, while telling a story of something silly (downright stupid, actually) that I once did with...

The College Investor Interview 2

The College Investor Interview

Robert, at the college investor, published an interview with me about wealth, investing and my high school personal finance class.  I hope you find it interesting.  9 Questions from The College Investor

Millionaire Teacher on Malaysian Radio 0

Millionaire Teacher on Malaysian Radio

Here’s an interview on Malaysian radio that I gave last week, where I talk about my personal finance class and my inspirations for financial independence. I played it for my students, who cringed during the first couple of minutes. If...