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Mark Zoril — Plymouth, Minnesota

Mark Zoril. Index Fund Financial Advisor For American & Global Expatriates. Annual Fee $96. No Minimum Account Size Requirement.   Please tell us a little about yourself professionally, including your qualifications. My name is Mark Zoril. I am the founder...


Creveling & Creveling – Bangkok, Thailand

Creveling & Creveling: Full Service Financial Planners That Build Index Fund Portfolios For All Expatriate Nationalities  Chad and Peggy Creveling are based in Bangkok.  The American couple each carries CFP designations (Certified Financial Planners).  They’re also CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts)...


Marc Ikels — Singapore

 Why Marc Ikels Could Be Singapore’s Best Financial Advisor “I had a choice between the in-flight entertainment system, and the live entertainment,” says financial advisor Marc Ikels. “I chose the live entertainment.” It was 2004. He was flying from Singapore...


Why American Expats Overseas Should Invest With AssetBuilder

Image courtesy of Pixabay I’ve been reading Scott Burns‘s articles for years. He’s one of America’s favorite financial writers. For more than 40 years he has brought straight-shooting coast-to-coast money columns to American breakfast tables. His syndicated column gets published in more...

Singapore American Teacher Investment – Even Better Than It Looks 27

Singapore American Teacher Investment – Even Better Than It Looks

In September 2006, I created a hypothetical $200,000 portfolio for some expatriate American teachers at Singapore American School. To build this portfolio at Vanguard, investors would have had: No sales charges to pay No account maintenance fees to pay No...

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