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Mark Zoril — Plymouth, Minnesota

Mark Zoril. Index Fund Financial Advisor For American & Global Expatriates. Annual Fee $96. No Minimum Account Size Requirement.   Please tell us a little about yourself professionally, including your qualifications. My name is Mark Zoril. I am the founder...


WealthBar — Index Fund Portfolios For Canadian Expats

There’s a new investment firm on the block called WealthBar. And it’s going to help Canadian expats. For years, Canadians overseas have had just a couple of investment options.They could build their own portfolios through an offshore brokerage account. Or,...


Calling Fee-Based Financial Advisors

I want to profile (and encourage business for) financial advisors acting as true fiduciaries to their clients. It’s extremely profitable for advisors to sell variable annuity products or actively managed mutual funds with sales commissions or deferred sales loads. But...