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Five Countries To Thailand

We traveled along a 2-lane road.  But there were four cars abreast as far as we could see.  This was Cairo.  In Egypt, every car is a bumper car.  All the dents and scrapes just prove it. Our taxi driver...


Middle East Speaking Tour: 7 Countries From Thailand

  Thailand is one of my favorite countries.  Pele and I love the food, the people, the winding mountain roads, the beaches and the amazingly cheap massages.  But we’re still 7 countries away from arriving in Thailand. Before we fly...


How To Live In Luxury On Somebody Else’s Dime

There’s a whole subculture of people out there living in luxury on somebody’s else’s dime. No, they aren’t bums. The Internet has opened up lifestyles that many of us never thought possible. Image Courtesy of Pixabay Read My Assetbuilder Article


Juara’s Top Accomodation: 1511 Coconut Grove, Pulau Tioman

Trekking with light backpacks along Pulau Tioman’s jungle path, my wife and I brainstormed who—among our friends–would enjoy a holiday on Asia’s best beach.  The list was short.  Most of our friends enjoy comfort—with a dash of luxury.  But nothing...


Cycling in the Land of the Head Hunters

Do you remember the first television series of Survivor?  The winner was a guy everyone seemed to dislike, who walked around naked and his saving grace was the fact that he was the only person capable of catching fish for...


Hedonism on a Budget

Imagine taking a month long holiday to the tropics, enjoying fabulous food and sinking yourself into the luxury of 20 massages over 20 days. You could do it for less than $2,400, including airfare from Canada or the U.S.  A guest...

Why Do I Have To Rent A Scooter Next Week? 7

Why Do I Have To Rent A Scooter Next Week?

When my wife and I are about to take a holiday, we’re very selective about asking our colleagues for hotel recommendations.  We live in Singapore, a haven-like jumping point for delicious trips into the exotic locales of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia,...

Visiting the home of the Dalai Lama 12

Visiting the home of the Dalai Lama

Three days from now, my wife and I will be flying to Delhi, with 20 high school students in tow. We’ll stay overnight, and then shoot up to Dharamsala, India on a night train, to the place where the Dalai...


Land-locked in Laos

Last Sunday, my wife and I started a 3 week holiday in Laos. We’re having a fabulous time treking, eating superb food and enjoying the best accomodation-value for money that I have seen anywhere. I wrote a large number of...