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Andrew Hallam welcomes you to this website and invites you to utilise the Comments section with your comments, questions, contributions and replies.

Every comment made to this website will be moderated before they are published. This means that all comments are checked to make sure they don’t break our rules. You will need to keep your contributions constructive, relevant and civil and be happy to share your questions or comments with all our readers.


If you cannot share your questions with all our readers do not submit your comment. If you are concerned about your legal situation when asking a question then generalise your question and do not included specific details that may identify you.


The following rules, guidelines and suggestions are to protect both you and us and ensure that we maintain a high standard.



When your comment is published it will not be removed nor edited at your request.



It is important that you choose a screen name and email address carefully. While you are free to use your own name and regular email address, you acknowledge your name and email gravatar may be identified by other readers. We would also recommend you use a private or personal email address rather than a business address that you do not own.

However, if you wish to comment and not be identified then consider the following:

1. Use a name that will not be identified as you. Example. If your name is George Smith then “George” or “George Smith” is not a good choice if you do not want to be identified. “GS” or “GeorgiePorgie” are probably not wise choices either. If you regularly use ‘Pink Floyd” on other websites, that would also be a poor choice — if you want to remain anonymous. Also, be aware that other people may also address you by name in their replies. Example: Hi “George Smith, In answer to your question…”

2. Use a non regular email. It is recommended you DO NOT Use your business email or personal email address that is your usual email. WARNING: We do not publish email addresses, however if you have an image associated with your email, that image or photo may be visible through We cannot remove it from your comment as it is associated with your email, not your name.


As well as comments not being removed, your name and email address will neither be changed nor edited.


What to do if you have second thoughts about your comment?

If you have second thoughts about your comment, immediately add another comment on the same post with the same name and email address requesting your previous comment not be published. You can C&P this next line.

“I have changed my mind about my earlier comment. Please do not publish it.”

If the moderators can catch your comment before it is published we will attempt to remove it. However, we make no promises nor guarantee that it can or will be done.



However, with that being said, names used on this site are moderated. When selecting a name make sure you choose one that is not offensive or aimed at impersonating another person. If your name breaches this rule your comment will not be published and will be be considered SPAM.

Avoid naming yourself as a business or commercial service. Any comments breaching this rule will not be published and will be be considered SPAM.



Avoid advertising or giving the appearance of advertising a business or commercial service. Comments deemed to be advertising a product or service or giving the appearance of advertising a product or service that do not add to the overall benefit of readers will not be published and will be be considered SPAM.



Avoid gratuitous links in posts. Links in a post that are promoting a business or service or are appearing to advertise a product or service and are deemed as unsuitable may be removed from a post or the post will not be published and will be be considered SPAM.



Irrespective of their contents, comments that might reasonably be suspected of being, made following financial or any other inducement will not be published and will be be considered SPAM.

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