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Recent Comments

  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 29, 12:03 AM
    It's tough to say what your average annual return will be. Over 30 years, it should be between 7% and 10% per year. Over ten...
  • User Avatarmoortomas Jul 28, 10:52 PM
    You can make a special article about re-investing ETFs-advantages and disadvantages vs normal ETFs-to see in the long term,is there any big difference(no taxes on...
  • User AvatarPaul Jul 28, 10:40 PM
    As a Canadian expat, I find that it is much simpler to invest in ETFs back home in Canada. Large Canadian banks allow you to...
  • User AvatarPaul Jul 28, 10:32 PM
    I faced the same problem than Angela with a brokerage account held at TD Ameritrade in the US for 10 years. I was forced to...
  • User AvatarJen Jul 28, 9:42 PM
    I was resident in Qatar for 10 yr's, before this UAE and Saudi. I opened with Saxo (by emailing the Dubai branch). It was easy...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 28, 7:56 PM
    Moortomas, It does look like you are right. I wonder if the tax benefit is enough to offset the slightly higher expense ratio. If the...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 28, 7:41 PM
    Mostafa, My book, The Global Expatriates Guide To Investing explains how people can build portfolios of ETF from the middle east. Cheers, Andrew
  • User AvatarMostafa Jul 28, 6:03 PM
    Hi Andrew, great Job with the book and the blog ; it's very informative. i'm a resident of the middleeast and i'm facing the problem...
  • User Avatarmoortomas Jul 28, 5:25 PM
    As you saw,they are Physical products(not Swapped) in the description and automatically re-invested.. You mean that ishares are not saying the truth and they are...
  • User AvatarBradley Jul 28, 11:14 AM
    Hi Andrew, Sorry for the delay in replying. Wise words as ever. I think my plan just firmed up. I shall keep enough cash reserves...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 28, 11:03 AM
    Hi Justin, Based on your first sentence, you already know the answer. Cheers, Andrew
  • User AvatarJustin Tang Jul 28, 10:25 AM
    Hi Andrew, I know you do not subscribe to market timing; but there is a current anomaly in the financial markets where both bonds and...
  • User AvatarPatrick Jul 28, 6:45 AM
    Fantastic. Thank you
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 27, 9:30 PM
    With the physical shares, dividends aren't reinvested back into the ETFs Moortomas. This is only the case with synthetic, swap based products. Cheers, Andrew
  • User Avatarrick Jul 27, 9:07 PM
    For those of us from Europe, an interesting and cheap alternative is DeGiro, available to any european with an IBAN Number.
  • User Avatarmoortomas Jul 27, 7:52 PM
    Hello again. It seems that there is no tax at all-here is the official answer: "Dear Mr. Moor, Many thanks for your enquiry and the...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 27, 7:32 PM
    Patrick, You're welcome. Just remember that you shouldn't want to see markets rise if you're still adding money. That's the tough part. You can't measure...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 27, 7:30 PM
    David, Thank you for providing the links. The Vanguard product is definitely better. It provides access to more than 2,400 global stocks. The iShares products...
  • User AvatarDavid in Vietnam Jul 27, 3:17 PM
    Apologies Andrew, Saxo have said they do not support this fund and so cannot add it. Please could you give me your opinion on these...
  • User AvatarPatrick Jul 26, 11:05 PM
    Andrew As always thank you. Great encouragement and coincidentally your books arrived today!!!! I should be setup to start everything by next week. I'm not...
  • User AvatarDavid S Jul 26, 9:07 PM
    Andrew, Yes - good call. Low and stable prices means it is a good time to buy! I need to be more wary of the...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Jul 26, 6:39 PM
    James, Did you read about these products in my book? I mentioned that Horizon's products are backed by the National Bank of Canada. That's still...
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