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Recent Comments

  • User AvatarPatrick Aug 25, 12:47 AM
    Hi Mark I'm with Saxo, living in Indonesia it was my only option. If I were to move to Singapore I was thinking of switching...
  • User AvatarRomainD2 Aug 25, 12:35 AM
    Hi Andrew! I have just finish your book, and I really thank you. It was my first english book to read, and it was so...
  • User AvatarJohn Aug 24, 11:45 PM
    Hi Andrew, I live in Bangalore India. I got an opportunity to work as an investment consultant with a company called efssaveinvest . I think...
  • User AvatarM.Powell Aug 24, 2:51 PM
    Thanks a lot Andrew, now I have lots of reading ahead 😉 Have you read Play Smart in the Stock Market? I would definitely include...
  • User AvatarTerry Aug 24, 11:29 AM
    Hi Andrew, I read your book a while back and I've been trying to get into the investment game for awhile but with the mountains...
  • User AvatarMario Aug 23, 11:07 PM
    Hello Andrew, I'm also a Filipino living in the Philippines. I'd bought your book back in 2014 and read your comment here "I wish there...
  • User AvatarHannah Aug 23, 9:14 PM
    Hi Toony, Thank you for your detailed reply, i appreciate it and no personal attack taken! I understand that it must be frustrating for Andrew...
  • User AvatarMrs B Aug 23, 6:24 PM
    Hi All, Myself and my husband were 'pushed' into a Vista plan approximately one year ago and had bonuses and 'no risk' flaunted in front...
  • User AvatarLee Ferguson Aug 23, 4:33 PM
    Thanks Andrew
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Aug 23, 1:12 PM
    Lee, If you earn GDP and buy ETFs in GDP from TD Direct International then you wouldn't have currency exchange bites to deal with. If,...
  • User AvatarLee Ferguson Aug 23, 10:28 AM
    P.S I earn in GBP and HKD and both of those are on the list of 9 currencies that make up the multi currency account.
  • User AvatarLee Ferguson Aug 23, 10:24 AM
    Dear Andrew, TD International has a multi currency account. How does this pertain to the above article? Lee
  • User AvatarLouise Aug 23, 4:57 AM
    Thanks Andrew, I am a Kiwi but living in Canada and plan to in the near future. Your book was extremely useful, I've recommended it...
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Aug 23, 3:56 AM
    Thanks so much for sharing the load on these questions Toony. I really appreciate it! Andrew
  • Andrew HallamAndrew Hallam Aug 23, 3:53 AM
    Hi Louise, I don't know your nationality. But this would be an excellent portfolio for a Canadian. Cheers, Andrew
  • User AvatarLouise Aug 23, 3:28 AM
    Hi Andrew, I recently bought and read your book - it's awesome and gave me a lot to think about. I recently registered with TD...
  • User AvatarDouglas Wilson Aug 22, 6:27 PM
    Hi Andrew, I am in a similar position to Stan. I am 18 months into a 15 year plan with OMI and I want out....
  • User Avatartoony Aug 22, 4:59 PM
    Hannah, Your questions are all over the place. Some are very broad while others are very situation specific! I recommend you read Andrew's book once...
  • User AvatarAsh Aug 22, 1:24 PM
    Awesome! Thanks, looking at your recommendations this afternoon so will comment later. A 🙂
  • User AvatarAsh Aug 22, 1:22 PM
    Thanks Toony, pretty interesting article and blog. In hindsight...:) I agree, it's very shoddy that I'm losing ~$7k PA in fees (ICP recovery + portfolio...
  • User AvatarAsh Aug 22, 12:17 PM
    Thanks Andrew! I can safely pull ~SG$30k penalty free so will look into putting that into TD Direct International while I wait for a more...
  • User AvatarEvan Aug 21, 12:28 AM
    Hi Andrew, there are not many options for Malaysians to hold index funds in our own currency except buying units of mutual funds offered via...
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