Expat & Index Investing

Expat Index Investing in Singapore

Whether you’re Singaporean, British, Canadian, Australian or New Zealander you might find yourself swamped with expensive or unsuitable investment options in Singapore. If you would like to build portfolios of low cost index funds, as I recommend in my best-selling books; Millionaire Teacher & The Global Expatriate, then check out the following posts:

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Index Investing for:


Index Investing if you’re an American in Singapore:

  • Assetbuilder – give the Texas-based folks a shout
  • Vanguard  – another excellent option for low cost indexing. (But they’re a bit sticky about taking on expat American customers)


Financial Advisors You Can Trust:




I’ve also included some investments firms that I do NOT RECOMMEND to expatriates.

(This is a red flag warning post that we should likely highlight under the expat investing heading.  Thanks again to all contributors. )




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