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About Links on

Andrew includes many links on his website for a range of reasons including; further information, references including citations & attributions , as well as useful resources.

However, over time, web sites and web pages this site has linked to will disappear, causing the links from this site to become non-functional. This irritates readers and search engines.

Should there be a ongoing linking error, this website will remove the link.

Initially  “Some Company Inc. or Some Company Inc.“**  link leads to error pages or even a dead website, the link will go to a temporary condition: “Some Company Inc.  or  Some Company Inc.“. 

This means that this site is indicating that it has found that the link is faulty. If the website or page the link is linked to comes back online in a short time the strike through will disappear.

If the error continues, the link to “Some Company Inc.” will be removed.  If the text is is important in the context of the article the unlinked text may be retained. 

In some situations the text may remain with a strike through, but without the link to indicate important information is no longer available.

In some circumstances the link and text may be completely removed from the page.



Should page or website be repaired but it occurs after the link has been removed from this site, and you wish to have it reinstated or the link changed, please contact the webmaster of this site with:

  1. The exact link to the exact page at that the link is missing from.
  2. A copy/paste of the paragraph at of text that has the missing link.
  3. The paragraph of that same text that includes the new hyperlink. ie Some Company Inc.
  4. The full URL of the website (& relevant page) ie http: //

NOTE: Do not send an email asking, “Hey Mr Webmaster fix my link “Some Company Inc, that’s on your site, thanks!” This site has thousands of comments and hundreds of posts. Without the exact page and paragraph as outlined above, it’s not going to happen.

** Some Company Inc.” is an example of a link. All links are non functional.


3 Responses

  1. Consider yourself linked Andrew – under my "About Me" link.



  2. The Dividend Ninja says:

    Andrew, an excellent site! Invaluable information for both the novice and seasoned investor. I'm a big fan of dividend investing, but looking back starting out as an index investor would have served me well. A core of index-funds with dividend stocks is the way to go! Keep up the good work.. Consider the link done.

  3. Renting in Singapore says:

    Great added-value resource, Andrew. Plenty of bang for my bookmark.

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