If you bought a copy of November’s MoneySense Magazine, I want to point out an error that could have a big impact on anyone wishing to retire in Thailand.

It’s in the article I wrote titled, Paradise Made Affordable, on pages 55-56.

In my original draft (which is available on this website) I wrote that an annual Thai visa wouldn’t be granted if a retiree couldn’t prove that they made at least $2,500 a year in income.

But the magazine editors must have thought that was too good to be true. They accidentally published that a retiree requires proof of $2,500 a month in income. That would sure put a damper on retiring in Thailand.

 (Yes, to live in Thailand you must prove that you have an income of at least $2,500 a year .)

Anyway, if you read this in the magazine, my apologies. Duncan Hood, the editor, showed me the version he was going to publish, and I missed the error.

So it’s partly my mistake.