If you’re Canadian, you’re probably familiar with Ian McGugan, the level-headed founding editor of MoneySense magazine.  
He’s the man who brought you the Canadian couch potato portfolio articles, which won him a Canadian National Magazine award ten years ago.

He was also responsible for initiating its historical performance tracking.

Much of what will be written today, about personal investing, will prove to look foolish years from now.  But Ian’s advice is different.  Anyone following his “couch potato” advice ten years ago, would have easily beaten most of the pros—and you wouldn’t have been taking greater risks to do so. 

Continue to follow his couch potato concept (which was initially popularized by American Scott Burns)  and you’ll reap rewards putting most financial advisors to shame. 

As for Ian’s market commentary and humour—it’s always first rate.
Recently, Ian took a job at the Globe and Mail, where he’ll be putting his stamp on some future feature pieces.

Perhaps more than any other finance writer, he’s a man to read and learn from.