Apr 25 2013


International Teachers: Are you investing enough money?

To find out if you’re saving enough money, use my free, 13 minute seminar below:

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Nov 05 2012


Calling Fee-Based Financial Advisors

I want to profile (and encourage business for) financial advisors acting as true fiduciaries to their clients.

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Feb 24 2015


Why The World’s Fastest Growing Economy Could Be The World’s Worst Investment



Everybody knows that China is the world’s fastest growing economy. 

What you might not know, is that investing in its stock market could be a sucker’s game. 

I explain China’s poor performance in my latest AssetBuilder article

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Feb 18 2015


Nine Year Old Spends Thousands Without Her Parents Knowing


“You wouldn’t believe what happened at work today,” said my friend, Keith Ferrell.

He helps teachers and students integrate technology into elementary school classrooms.  As we talked over dinner, he shared a crazy (but all too common) story.  A nine-year old girl at his school had spent $3,711 on a variety of online games.  She racked up the bill in just three weeks—right under her parents’ noses.

Your child couldn’t do that?  That’s what her parents thought.  The fourth grader downloaded free apps through iTunes. Dragon Mania Legends was one of her favorites. Her parents’ credit card was linked to her iPad.  At some point, her parents must have used her iPad to make an online purchase. 

After that, the little girl bought whatever game upgrades she wanted. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

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Feb 14 2015


Can Your Investments Earn Strong Returns With Almost No Risk?


Can Your Investments Earn Strong Returns With Almost No Risk?

I answer “yes” to that question.

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Feb 04 2015


Too Many Investment Choices Limit Our Wealth


We often think that investment options are a good thing. 

But studies may prove otherwise.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Check out my article at AssetBuilder.com



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Jan 27 2015


Why It Keeps Getting Tougher To Beat Index Funds


Investment writer and researcher, Larry Swedroe, has a new book out.  

He explains why it keeps getting tougher to beat index funds.  

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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Jan 23 2015


Why Traveling In Mexico Is Both Safe And Great


OK, if you read U.S. headlines, you wouldn’t visit Mexico.

I get that.  The media smears Mexico.  It’s like reporting on Jennifer Lopez’s looks, but focusing on a wart she might have on one of her toes.  No image or talk of her lovely face and body.

If you think Mexico is dangerous, let me change your mind.  The country has more than its share of beauty. 

And it’s safe.


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Jan 21 2015


Healthy Wealthy Expat Reviews The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing


Scott Roussea has just published a review of The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing at the Healthy Wealthy Expat blog. 

So far, dozens of bloggers have done the same.  But Scott’s review is fabulously detailed.

So if you’re curious about the book, please check out his review.

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Jan 20 2015


Why Canada’s Mutual Fund Managers Could Simply Be Bummed


Canada’s mutual fund managers could be depressed. 

And why wouldn’t they be? The money they manage gets throttled by index funds. 

Psychologically, how could this affect their day to day work? 

 Image courtesy of pixabay.com

I explain it, in my latest Globe and Mail article.

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