Apr 25 2013


International Teachers: Are you investing enough money?

To find out if you’re saving enough money, use my free, 13 minute seminar below:

If you’re an international school teacher, you’re metaphorically swimming in a warm sea, surrounded by beautiful bodies.

Cultural eye candy meets your every glance. 

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Nov 05 2012


Calling Fee-Based Financial Advisors

I want to profile (and encourage business for) financial advisors acting as true fiduciaries to their clients.

It’s extremely profitable for advisors to sell variable annuity products or actively managed mutual funds with sales commissions or deferred sales loads.

But the good men and women who act as true financial fiduciaries don’t sell those products.  And they deserve to be recognized.

If you fit the bill, I want to hear from you.

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Oct 24 2011


Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned at School





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Apr 15 2014


High School Personal Finance Classes: Are They Really Useless?


Studies show that high school personal finance classes have no effect on adult spending and investing patterns.  

I published my thoughts on the topic with Assetbuilder: 

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Apr 07 2014


Does International Financial Services (Singapore) Flog Friends Provident Products?

It’s getting tougher for expatriates to trust financial advisors—and that’s a shame. 

zurich warningSome good ones exist, including Noto Financial Services and Thailand-based Creveling & Creveling

But they’re not as common as they should be.  Reports from investors in South East Asia are implying that International Financial Services (Singapore) is selling Friends Provident Offshore Pensions. 

While the reports are unconfirmed, it would be a shame if true. 

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Apr 06 2014


Manulife’s Funds Versus Index Funds

I’m continuing my Globe and Mail series, comparing Canada’s actively managed fund companies’ products versus inexpensive index funds.  

Based on personal emails, I’m popular among regular people.  

But Canada’s mutual fund companies see me as a mirage wrecker.  

I’m happy to be making friends where I should …

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Mar 13 2014


Offshore Pension Investor Does The Impossible


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

We know that advisors love selling offshore pensions to expatriates. 

And why wouldn’t they?  Commissions pay a killing. 

Purchasing such leaky buckets is much like a sentence term.  There’s no bailing out—unless you’re willing to drown in penalties.

One water-swallowing investor, however, has made his way to the shore. He accomplished the impossible.  Will others swim in his wake?  Let’s hope.

Read about the story at the UK’s financial website of the year:


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Mar 12 2014


The Surprising Truth About CIBC’s Best Mutual Funds

It’s easy to imagine CIBC’s financial advisors recommending their firm’s actively managed funds. 

They charge higher fees than their indexed, passively managed products.  Higher fund costs are better for banks, but not for investors. 

That said, CIBC’s standard indexes are expensive, carrying costs exceeding 1% each year.

Does this mean they underperform CIBC’s actively managed products?  Embarrassingly for CIBC, they don’t – because their active funds cost even more. 

You can read about it in my article for the Globe and Mail.

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Mar 05 2014


Smarter Financial Choices For Wealthy High School Students

Teaching at Singapore American School has taught me a sub-culture I never knew existed. 

When I first arrived, I asked some of my students what their favorite hobbies were.  “Shopping,” they replied.

Shopping? How could kids without jobs enjoy shopping as their favorite past time? 

Then it dawned on me.  Many of these kids are given cash to spend as they wish.  A surprising amount gets blown on high-end clothes and accessories.

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Mar 04 2014


An Investment Opportunity With Two Chinas


Earlier this week, my wife Pele and I crouched beside a small fire, a handful of miles from the Chinese town of Yungshuo.

Keeping us company was a school principal and an elementary teacher. The principal added charcoal to the wok-like pit as carbon monoxide rose from the flames.

We weren’t on a winter camping trip.  Instead, we were in a Chinese school’s administrative building, which doubled as a teacher’s staff room.  Pele and I were there as part of a service trip with 20 tenth grade students from Singapore American School.

Read More about the Two Chinas in my Assetbuilder Article

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Feb 27 2014


How Do TD’s Mutual Funds Stack Up Against Its Index Funds?


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Quirky imagery works well when explaining concepts to kids.

Based on my experience as a high school personal finance teacher, the more ridiculous the better.

So, what do index fund managers do all day?

They work from hammocks like chilled hippies – if you ask my students…

To read more, check out my latest article in Canada’s Globe and Mail.


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