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How to Invest and Spend For Happiness, Health, and Wealth

Order this book to read about real success: how to spend for happiness, how to invest effectively, how to boost life satisfaction and enhance longevity. This might be the world's wisest personal finance book.

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About The Book

Who’s happier, a family of adventurers traveling in a motorhome or a family earning millions of dollars and buying the very best stuff? There’s no way to answer that question. But after traveling the world for seven years, I know where the odds are higher. This is based on anecdotal observations and robust, behavioral scientific studies. And those stories and studies are referenced in, Balance: How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health and Wealth.

Sure, the book explains evidence-based strategies for providing the best odds of success in the stock market. But it’s more than that. It helps you answer important questions:

  • How can we boost longevity, wealth and happiness?
  • When it comes to spending, what sorts of purchases really enhance happiness? And yes, some material purchases do!
  • How should we define success? And based on that definition, how can your children be successful?

We all want the best out of life. So allow this book to take you on a holistic journey of success.

Andrew Hallam

About Andrew

When Andrew Hallam isn’t fighting off mosquitoes in tropical jungles, cycling up a mountain with his wife during a downpour or trying to drive to Argentina in a van, he’s speaking and writing about happiness and personal finance. The former high school teacher wrote the international best-selling books, Millionaire Teacher and Millionaire Expat. Profiled on such media as CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, he’s the first person to have a #1 selling finance book on Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon Singapore, and Amazon UAE. He has written columns for The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, MoneySense, Swissquote and AssetBuilder.

Praise for Balance

Daniel Pink

BALANCE is one of the best personal finance books you’ll ever read — because it’s so much more than that. Andrew Hallam has written an insightful guide to spending and investing money not to impress others but to build a life of satisfaction and significance.”

Daniel H. Pink #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN, DRIVE, and TO SELL IS HUMAN
Marta Zaraska

Entertaining and well written yet solidly rooted in science, Andrew Hallam's new book, Balance, offers a fresh look at what it means to be truly successful in life.

Marta Zaraska Bestselling author of Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100
Scott Burns

Decades ago, Andrew Tobias gave us “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need.” It’s still a good read. But "Balance,” by Andrew Hallam, ups the game and takes us many steps further. “Balance” gives us a complete, modern context for the role of money and investing in our lives.

Beneath a rich collection of anecdotes and stories, This short book provides a depth of research into the realities of investing and the errant relationship between money and happiness.

Scott Burns Personal finance columnist and creator of the Couch Potato Portfolio
Ian McGugan

If you’re feeling baffled by how to approach money in a post-pandemic world, spend a few hours with Andrew Hallam. His new book, Balance, offers a master class in how to invest wisely, but it goes well beyond the normal stocks and bonds stuff. It offers a wise meditation on how to think of money as part of your larger life plan. Whether you’re a multimillionaire entrepreneur or a fitness buff living in his car by choice, you’ll find insights here that can reshape both your portfolio and your priorities.

Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail