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Helpful Investment-Related YouTube Channels

Ben Felix’s YouTube Channel

YouTube is strange. Several horrific investment-related channels attract far more viewers than they should. They're like restaurant chefs who pack people in to gorge on rotten meat and fish...most of which will make them sick. In the investment world, this "sickness" refers to bad investment advice.

Ben Felix, however, offers the investor's equivalent of top-notch food. In my opinion, he has the best investment education videos on YouTube today.

Justin Bender's YouTube Channel

Although it draws fewer viewers than Ben Felix's channel, PWL Capital's Justin Bender also creates world-class material. And his videos are clear and packed with common sense and evidence-based research.

Andrew Hallam's YouTube Channel

I spend more time watching YouTube videos of heavyweight boxing matches from the 1970's than I spend posting videos on YouTube. But I've included a handful on this channel that I think you might find helpful.

Helpful Investment-Related Podcasts

Canadian Couch Potato Podcast

What's the best podcast available on index fund investing? I like Dan Bartolotti's Canadian Couch Potato Podcast. Dan is one of the best in the business. I continue to learn a lot from him. All nationalities will benefit.

The Rational Reminder Podcast

Ben Felix and Cameron Passmore are portfolio managers at PWL Capital. They focus on investment decision-making for Canadians, but their wisdom applies to other nationalities as well. Their podcasts delve into topics related to personal finance, investing, behavior and lifestyle.

Bogleheads On Investing

Certified Financial Analyst and long-time Boglehead, Rick Ferri, is the host of this monthly podcast. When it comes to advice on low-cost index fund investing, the Boglehead group is a great place to look.

Interview's With Andrew Hallam

Although I don't have my own podcast (gosh, that would be a lot of work) I'm often a guest on other people's podcasts. They are listed in the order of most-recent.



Squawkfox Podcast: How To Become A Millionare: Turn A Small Income Into A Big Portfolio

Runtime: 45:48


Rebound Talks Podcast: All You Need To Know About Investing With Millionaire Teacher Andrew Hallam

Runtime: 46:33


Squawkfox Podcast: Why Material Things Won't Make You Happy (And What Will)

Runtime: 44:50



Sarwa Webinar #3: Key Moments And Investing Lessons Learned in 2020

Runtime: 1:36:22


AES International: How Should Young Investors Invest?

Runtime: 3:54


The Experimental Leader: Achieving Maximum Happiness

Runtime: 33:00


Rhodes To Wealth: Becoming A Millionaire On A Teacher's Salary

Runtime: 1:00:39


Everyday Leadership: Needs vs. Wants and How That Affects Our Happiness

Runtime: 55:49


Pocketful of Dirhams: Everything Your Need To Know About DIY Investing

Runtime: 35:10


Sarwa Webinar #2: Main Street vs. Wall Street: Should I Invest Now?

Runtime: 1:37:23


Rational Reminder: Episode 99: How To Be Wealthy And Happy

Runtime: 55:28


Keep It Simple: Should You Retire Abroad? The Millionaire Teacher Returns

Runtime: 50:00


Keep It Simple: Interviewing The Millionaire Teacher On Life, Investing and The Media

Runtime: 37:00


A Life Of Education: Episode 55: What To Do With Your Money During COVID?

Runtime: 53:13


AES International: What Are The Benefits Of Financial Independence?

Runtime: 3:25


Sarwa Webinar #1: On Navigating Market Volatility And What It Means For Your Investments

Runtime: 1:20:22


The Canadian Investor: Insights On Investing

Runtime: 47:29



Junior Achievement's Money Jar: The Very Basics Of Getting Started Investing, Part 2

Runtime: 26:20


Christian Bischoff: Becoming A Millionaire Teacher: Andrew's Financial Journey

Runtime: 1:10:29 (English begins at 4:08)


A Life Of Education: Property vs. Stocks

Runtime: 55:00


Jerry Brown's Travels: I Retired At 40.Financial Freedom & Independence (F.I.R.E.)

Runtime: 10:15



The Authentic Learning Podcast: Core Concepts In Education: What's Missing In Our Education System?

Runtime: 21:00


A Life Of Education: Episode #24: Take Control Of Your Financial Future: Invest Sensibly & Safely

Runtime: 1:03:28


Dubai Eye Business Breakfast: Socially Responsible Investing

Runtime: 11:24


Dubai Eye Business Breakfast: Is It Ever A Bad Time To Start Investing?

Runtime: 19:35


Dubai Eye Business Breakfast: Expats, Avoid Getting Trapped Into Bad Financial Products

Runtime: 19:35



Dubai Eye Business Breakfast: How I Became A Millionaire On A Teacher's Salary

Runtime: 18:20


Mo' Money With Jessica Moorhouse: Becoming A Millionaire On An Average Salary

Runtime: 43:36


Guys Telling Stories: Andrew's Approach On Life

Runtime: 45:00


The Canadian Couch Potato Podcast: Master Class With The Millionaire Teacher - Building Wealth Through Smart Saving And Disciplined Investing

Runtime: 47:15


Afford Anything: Episode 60: The Nine Rules Of Wealth You Should Have Learned In School

Runtime: 41:40:11


Afford Anything: Episode 59: How I Became A Millionaire On A Teacher's Salary

Runtime: 1:02:19



The Money Tree: Andrew Hallam And The Permanent Portfolio

Runtime: 30:01



The Art Of Charm Episode 354:Learn To Master Money

Runtime: 46:20

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