Apr 14 2015


Think Like Warren Buffett When Vacationing Abroad


During the 1974 stock market crash, Warren Buffett said he felt like an “oversexed guy in a harem.” 

When stocks are on sale, Buffett loves to buy.  He knows he’s getting a bargain. 

Smart travelers do much the same thing. 

They travel when it’s cheap. And now may be the best time in ages for Americans to travel abroad. 

Thank the soaring U.S. dollar.

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Apr 07 2015


Tips From The Best Stock Picker You’ve Likely Never Heard Of


I know that some investors will always want to pick their own stocks. 

I have no problem with that, as long as the stocks are icing on an index portfolio cake. 

For those wanting the best stock picking guide I know, let me introduce you to Norm Rothery.  

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Apr 05 2015


Should This Investor Question His Investment Strategy?


Question: My ETFs have not been performing well since I purchased them last year and I was wondering if I am right in thinking I should just ride this out and not worry.

Or should I be re-thinking my purchases?

This is how each has gone down in value:

Vanguard UK FTSE 100 (VUKE): Down 15%
IShares UK Gilts (IGLS): Down 10%
Vanguard FTSE All World (VWRD): Down 1%



Answer: There’s only one certainty in stock market investing.

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Mar 31 2015


Building A Low Cost Portfolio With Socially Responsible Funds


Some of my friends don’t feel good about investing.

They want to make money. But they won’t support businesses that build missiles, hook kids on cigarettes or extract air polluting fossil fuels.

That rules out most actively managed funds and indexes. They don’t discriminate against specific types of companies.

Investors wanting to align their money with their ethics have two choices. They could select their own individual stocks.

Or they could buy funds called Socially Responsible Investments, also known as SRIs.

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Mar 25 2015


Do Vanguard’s Indexes Beat Their Own Actively Managed Funds?


Vanguard founder, John Bogle, is investing’s Pied Piper. 

He first blew his pipe in 1976.  Things started slowly.  But eventually, legions followed him into index funds. 

Actively managed funds, he says, are mostly a waste of money.  They earn lower returns because their fees are higher. 

But Bogle owns at least one actively managed fund—and it has thrashed the market.

It’s called the Vanguard Windsor fund. If $10,000 were invested in it from August 1976 until March 3, 2015, it would have grown to $967,947 versus $581,814 for Vanguard’s S&P 500 index. 

Few people think of Vanguard as an actively managed mutual fund company.  But it has more active funds than index funds. 

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Mar 17 2015


Teachers Can Save A Small Fortune At These Schools Abroad



Last year, elementary school counselor Nathan Schelble bought a $280,000 home in East Aurora, New York. 

He paid cash.  It took him just three years to save the money.

No, he wasn’t running a drug business like the teacher in Breaking Bad. 

Instead, he and his wife, Stacie , had worked for 6 years at Singapore American School (SAS).  Their nine-year old daughter attended for free. 

It’s one of a few dozen international schools where teachers might be able to save as much as the average doctor or lawyer.  

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Mar 10 2015


How To Retire Ten Years Ahead of Schedule

vietnam-beach-sunsetThere are two common ways to retire a full decade before Mr. and Mrs. Jones. 

The first isn’t rocket science. Avoid consumer debt and invest early.  If you invested $375 per month from age 20 to 55, you would have more than a million dollars if you averaged 9 percent.

But few have the foresight (or the resources) to invest from such a young age. Most people start later.  Life can also jam a pump in their spokes.  A job loss, divorce, or higher than expected educational costs can send them to the pavement. 

It is possible, however, to retire with a lot less than you might think.

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Mar 03 2015


Don’t Follow The Crowd Into The Wrong Index Funds


Currently, the most popular index funds in the United States are “currency hedged” ETFs.

In this article, I explain what they are.

And I try to convince you not to buy them.

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“Popular” doesn’t mean smart

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