Jul 19 2014


Retired Couple Lives Footloose And Fancy Free With Index Funds


I spoke with an inspiring couple that retired nearly a quarter of a century ago….when they were just 38 years old.

If you struck up a midweek conversation with Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, you might peg them as early retirees. And you would be right. The energetic 61-year-olds share the glow of a couple freed from the rat race. But a few things make them different. For starters, they have been retired for 23 years. They also travel the globe.

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Jul 18 2014


Teens Traveling On A Shoestring–Thanks To Social Media

portugalIn 1988, as an 18 year old, I bought a one-way flight to Southern Portugal. 

I had been living in England. My plan was to ride my bike back to the U.K.  I had a paltry $400, clearly an inadequate sum for the trip.  But I was dumb enough to think I was loaded.

Fortunately, I met gracious people along the 1,600-mile journey.  They offered places to stay and meals to eat.  I never asked for help.  I didn’t think I needed it.

Fortunately my face must have said I was friendly, famished and foolish.  

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Jul 15 2014


Book For Expatriate Investors Appears To Have A Hungry Market

andrew_001I just finished the manuscript for, what might be, the world’s only investment book for expatriates.

I asked U.S. publisher, John Wiley & Sons, if they would be willing to offer the book at a wholesale price to international businesses and schools.

They agreed to a 40 percent discount off the retail list price for orders of 30 copies or more. (How to order)

So I wanted to test the market.

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Jun 21 2014


Trick Question: What Performs Better Than Index Funds?


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Few teachers upset their students on purpose. But I do it every semester.

“Broad index funds comprise every stock in a given market,” I explain to my high-school personal finance class. “Nobody trades them. Actively managed funds, on the other hand, have managers at the helm, sniffing out the very best stocks.”

Students guess actively managed funds are better. I agree. Then I assign a task: “Find peer-reviewed academic evidence.”

I teach at a private international school in Singapore. The popular kids aren’t Paris Hilton wannabes – they’re future Harvard, Yale and Stanford alumni. Most are ferocious researchers.

But after 40 minutes of scrolling through academic financial papers, even the brainiest kids grumble: “We can’t find evidence; everything says the opposite.” “Keep looking,” I respond.

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May 20 2014


Can You Really Live Better On Less?


In three weeks, my wife and I will leave Singapore for an unconventional lifestyle.

We’re going to travel around the globe, spending at least three months in each destination: renting homes, housesitting, learning bits of language and customs.

We might do it for two years.

We might do it for thirty.

Many of our friends say, “We want to do that too. But we don’t have enough money.”

My response? “You just might!”

In my latest Assetbuilder article, I explain why I think so.

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May 14 2014


Are Portfolios of Index Funds Risky?

Are Portfolios of Index Funds Risky?

To find out, check out my latest article in the Globe and Mail:

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May 11 2014


British Expatriate Investors Can Buy Index Funds From Anywhere In the World


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

British expatriates have far cheaper investment options than getting stuck with expensive, inflexible offshore pensions, such as those provided by Friends Provident, Generali Vision and Royal Skandia.

Instead of paying roughly 4% or more each year, index investors could pay 1/12th of this cost.  And unlike most offshore pensions, they could sell their indexes whenever they wish.

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May 10 2014


Can Canadian Expats Enjoy The Most Tax Free Portfolio In the World?


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Horizon Canada just offered a swap based Canadian bond ETF, which will be trading on the Toronto stock exchange tomorrow.


Horizon already offers a Canadian and U.S. swap-based stock ETF.  By coupling these equity indexes with this new bond offering, expats won’t have to pay capital gains taxes or dividend with-holding taxes. I explain how this works in my upcoming book, due this fall. 

I didn’t think the tax benefits of being an expatriate Canadian could get any better.  But they just did.

Incidentally, I already own Horizon’s two equity indexes in my personal portfolio.

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