Jan 27 2015


Why It Keeps Getting Tougher To Beat Index Funds


Investment writer and researcher, Larry Swedroe, has a new book out.  

He explains why it keeps getting tougher to beat index funds.  

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Jan 23 2015


Why Traveling In Mexico Is Both Safe And Great


OK, if you read U.S. headlines, you wouldn’t visit Mexico.

I get that.  The media smears Mexico.  It’s like reporting on Jennifer Lopez’s looks, but focusing on a wart she might have on one of her toes.  No image or talk of her lovely face and body.

If you think Mexico is dangerous, let me change your mind.  The country has more than its share of beauty. 

And it’s safe.


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Jan 21 2015


Healthy Wealthy Expat Reviews The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing


Scott Roussea has just published a review of The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing at the Healthy Wealthy Expat blog. 

So far, dozens of bloggers have done the same.  But Scott’s review is fabulously detailed.

So if you’re curious about the book, please check out his review.

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Jan 20 2015


Why Canada’s Mutual Fund Managers Could Simply Be Bummed


Canada’s mutual fund managers could be depressed. 

And why wouldn’t they be? The money they manage gets throttled by index funds. 

Psychologically, how could this affect their day to day work? 

 Image courtesy of pixabay.com

I explain it, in my latest Globe and Mail article.

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Jan 16 2015


The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing Singapore Book Launches


I’ll be having two book launch events in Singapore during the next week.

  1. Saturday, January 17th, I’ll be speaking at Kinokunyia between 2pm and 3pm.
  2. Wednesday, January 21st, I’ll be speaking between 6:15 and 8:30 at Prudential Tower, Level 23, 30 Cecil Street. You can register for this talk here.

In case you are curious, Wednesday’s location will be at the firm responsible for Veracity Corporate Pensions.  I wrote about them in this article:

What International Teachers And Their Administrators Need To Know About Investing.

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Jan 15 2015


An Index-Beating Strategy For Fearless Dividend Investors

 rainbowTwenty-five years ago, Michael O’Higgins began to write a book.

The Miami-based money manager wanted to share something simple: an investment strategy that he had used since 1978. The strategy took just 15 minutes a year.

But Mr. O’Higgins said it would beat the market.

He completed the book in 1990. Titled Beating the Dow, it began to fly off bookshelves.

Read to find out whether his strategy has stood the test of time in my article.

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The Globe and Mail

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Jan 14 2015


Five Big Perks To Living And Working in the U.S.A.


Many say that America is no longer the land of opportunity. 

Times have changed. Years ago, the new world offered what old Europe didn’t. Land cost less.  People could make more money.  Feeding and raising a family was supposed to be easier.

Much has changed since boatloads of starry-eyed immigrants followed the first settlers.

But one fact remains.  There are still plenty of financial perks to living in the USA.

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Jan 07 2015


What International Teachers And Administrators Need To Know About Investing



Robert Landau knows a thing or two about teaching.

He has worked overseas for four decades. 

He has spent the past 25 years working as a school superintendent in Switzerland, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, China, Cambodia, and Singapore.

But there’s one thing that bugs him.  A lot. 

“Many schools allow investment ‘salesmen’ through their doors. But they rarely research the advisors, their firms or the products they sell.” 

Image courtesy of pixabay.com 

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