Apr 21 2015


The Global Index Investment Company Builds Portfolios of Index Funds For Australian Expats



Many Australians realize that investing with index funds gives them the best odds of investment success. 

Since Vanguard Australia arrived Down Under, those investing from Australia have been given a variety of low cost options.

But expats overseas can’t open accounts with Vanguard Australia.  To invest with index funds, many must buy low cost ETFs (exchange traded index funds).  Or they can search for a company that will build a portfolio of index funds for them. 

The Global Index Investment Company offers such a solution.

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Apr 21 2015


How To Retire Rich, Even If You Aren’t


Imagine this…

You climb out of bed and wander into the kitchen.  Your maid is cooking breakfast.  Coffee is brewing and there’s a glass of freshly squeezed juice on the table. After breakfast, you book a 5 star holiday.  You take three of them in Southeast Asia each year.  This one is to Bali. 

After your food settles, you drive to the country club to play tennis with a friend. You enjoy a light lunch. Then you spend a few hours at the spa where you pamper yourself each week. 

Such a retirement isn’t fantasy. 

In fact, the average American could afford it—in Thailand.

Image courtesy of  Pixabay

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Apr 18 2015


WealthBar Can Build Index Fund Portfolios For Canadian Expats


There’s a new investment firm on the block called WealthBar.

And it’s going to help Canadian expats.

For years, Canadians overseas have had just a couple of investment options.

They could build their own portfolios through an offshore brokerage account.

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Apr 15 2015


Marc Ikels — Singapore

Marc Ikels

Marc Ikels

 Why Marc Ikels Could Be Singapore’s Best Financial Advisor

“I had a choice between the in-flight entertainment system, and the live entertainment,” says financial advisor Marc Ikels. “I chose the live entertainment.” It was 2004. He was flying from Singapore to run the New York City Marathon.

His “live entertainment” became Marc’s future wife. He married the Singapore Airlines flight attendant in 2006.

On Singapore’s National Day, four years later, the couple’s twin boys were born.

That’s when Mark decided to quit his job with American Express to become a financial advisor. “The American Express job involved far too much travel,” he says.

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Apr 14 2015


Why American Expats Overseas Should Invest With AssetBuilder


Image courtesy of Pixabay

I’ve been reading Scott Burns‘s articles for years. He’s one of America’s favorite financial writers. For more than 40 years he has brought straight-shooting coast-to-coast money columns to American breakfast tables. His syndicated column gets published in more than 80 newspapers.His no-nonsense approach led to the creation of the Couch Potato portfolio, in 1991.

He said the average investor could buy just two index funds: a stock index and a bond index. And if they did, they would beat most professional investors. The idea was simple. And he was right. Most people pay far too much money for their investment accounts.

Do-it-yourself couch potato investing is cheap. But not everybody wants to invest on his or her own.

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Apr 14 2015


Think Like Warren Buffett When Vacationing Abroad


During the 1974 stock market crash, Warren Buffett said he felt like an “oversexed guy in a harem.” 

When stocks are on sale, Buffett loves to buy.  He knows he’s getting a bargain. 

Smart travelers do much the same thing. 

They travel when it’s cheap. And now may be the best time in ages for Americans to travel abroad. 

Thank the soaring U.S. dollar.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

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Apr 07 2015


Tips From The Best Stock Picker You’ve Likely Never Heard Of


I know that some investors will always want to pick their own stocks. 

I have no problem with that, as long as the stocks are icing on an index portfolio cake. 

For those wanting the best stock picking guide I know, let me introduce you to Norm Rothery.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay

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Apr 05 2015


Should This Investor Question His Investment Strategy?


Question: My ETFs have not been performing well since I purchased them last year and I was wondering if I am right in thinking I should just ride this out and not worry.

Or should I be re-thinking my purchases?

This is how each has gone down in value:

Vanguard UK FTSE 100 (VUKE): Down 15%
IShares UK Gilts (IGLS): Down 10%
Vanguard FTSE All World (VWRD): Down 1%



Answer: There’s only one certainty in stock market investing.

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