Oct 02 2014


A look inside Canada’s hottest ETFs


Quick question: Which are Canada’s hottest index funds?

Considering the stampede into Vanguard Canada’s ETFs since their 2011 debut, many would give them the nod. In fewer than two years, their assets under management exceeded $1-billion.

But there’s another fast horse in the ETF race, and it’s hot on Vanguard’s tail.

First Asset launched its first exchange-traded funds in June, 2011. This month, the firm’s indexes surpassed $1-billion under management. They were slower out of the gate than Vanguard, but they’ve made up plenty of ground. During the past 12 months, First Asset’s ETFs have increased its assets under management by more than 300 per cent.

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Oct 01 2014


Is Your International School’s Retirement Package As Strong As You Think?


Janette accepts a job at an international school in China.

She’s thrilled by the school’s retirement package. They match what she invests, up to an amount equaling 10 percent of her annual salary. In other words, if she were paid $50,000 per year and invested $5000, the school would pitch in an additional $5000.

That’s a 100 percent annual gain.

Most international schools don’t offer savings incentives for faculty. Among those that do, few are generous enough to match contributions up to 10 percent of a teacher’s salary. But for Janette to earn the bonus, she has to use the financial firm selected by the school.

There lies the problem.

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Sep 19 2014


Crack The Cycle Of Poverty With No Effort Or Cost


Imagine the government rounding up people.

Those exceeding grade 8 educations, come this way.
You wear glasses.  You must be smart.  Step forward please.

Cambodia’s leader, Pol Pot, did this between 1975 and 1979.  His goal?  To eliminate the educated.  He viewed them as threats to his regime.  In just a few short years, genocide reduced the country’s population by 25 percent.

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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Sep 18 2014


Would Mini-Retirements Beat A Single Big One?


Perhaps taking multiple short retirements is a lot better than saving up everything and enjoying one big one.

I wrote about my thoughts at AssetBuilder.

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Let me know what you think!

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Sep 09 2014


Are Online Dating Sites Worth The Time And Money?


My friends, Jean and David, married after meeting on eHarmony.  

I mention them here, in my latest Assetbuilder article:

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Sep 07 2014


Why Time Doesn’t Have To Accelerate With Age


Have you ever marvelled at how time seems to race as we age?

As I explore in this Assetbuilder article, it doesn’t have to be that way.



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Sep 01 2014


Ben Sherwood on The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing



“In a world full of finance books it is a pleasure to find one that a) Does not pull its punches and b) Is written with a sense of humour. Take it on your next long haul flight. It is full of fascinating facts and gives unambiguous advice. The considerable knowledge and passion of the author makes this an easy read. The advice is clear and is supported with evidence. The book is written with expatriates in mind but there is wisdom here that applies to all. I recommend this book – it has clear advice and will make you smile.”


 Ben Sherwood, Principal, Hillier Hopkins LLP, Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors, U.K., author The 7 Secrets of Money

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Sep 01 2014


Ian McGugan on The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing



“Expatriates everywhere should thank Andrew Hallam for his clear, smart and entertaining guide to financial freedom. His book is aimed at a growing and often overlooked group — people who are working outside of their home countries, often drawing big paycheques, but baffled by a maze of unfamiliar investing options. If that’s you, look no further for sound advice on how to see through the sales pitches and construct your own path to affluence.”


Ian McGugan, Globe and Mail, Toronto

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