I can’t take credit for my Millionaire Teacher book getting the number one Amazon ranking in the United States. 

When I think about the great books that nearly didn’t get published, like Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby and Tolkien’s The Hobbit, it makes me realize how elusive publishing contracts can be—even for great authors.

Certainly, I have plenty of people to thank for my fortunate publication of Millionaire Teacher.

Ian McGugan, the features editor at The Globe and Mail inspired me to write it, and Wiley’s Nick Wallwork had enough faith in the project to offer me a contract. David Dixon at Singapore Online Services has done an amazing job as my webmaster and online advisor.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Scott Burns, of Assetbuilder, whose generous review and wide readership propelled Millionaire Teacher to Amazon’s number one ranking.

Fellow  bloggers Dan Bortolotti at The Canadian Couch Potato, Jason at The Wealthy Canadian, Mark at My Own Advisor, Eric at Passive Income Investor, Kevin at Invest It Wisely, Avrom at The Dividend Ninja, Paula, at Afford-Anything, Robert at DIY Investor, Sam at Financial Samurai, just to name a few, have offered tremendous support for this book.

Thank you, also, to my dream team of endorsers, some of the finest financial writers in the world:  Burton G. Malkiel, Robert P. Miles, Paul B Farrell, William Bernstein, Larry Swedroe, Bill Schultheis, Charles E. Kirk, Michael O’Higgins, John Heinzl, and Robert Wasilewski.

Top rankings, like everything, are temporary.  But I want to sincerely thank the team that has helped to propel Millionaire Teacher to heights I never would have imagined.

And thank you, especially, to everyone who purchased this book.

I’m passionate about the lessons within it.  I hope you’re able to learn something useful, and chuckle while you read it.

Most sincerely, Andrew