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Using The Investment Centre’s Funds For Your 401(k) And Portfolio Options For Non-American Teachers

  Picking funds for a 401(k) might seem like tricky work.    But if we combine The Investment Centre’s fund selections with statistical probabilities and behavioral science, the selections are much easier.   This article offers suggestions for Americans and non-Americans with respect to an international school sponsored plan, using...


Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas

This is the second edition of my book, The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing (Wiley 2015).  Princeton’s legendary economics professor (Burton Malkiel) says this second edition is, “Wise investment advice delivered with clarity and humor.” When a publisher asks for a second edition, they usually want a 15 percent content...


International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James

  International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James   Raymond James is a publicly traded company. Their international financial advisors aren’t fiduciaries. Advisors who hold to a fiduciary standard put their clients’ interests ahead of their personal interest. As such, they aren’t supposed to select high-cost mutual funds that...


Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Saving for retirement in the U.S. means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. John Oliver recently (hilariously) ripped apart the financial services industry. He explained (in a way that only he could do) that we pay far too much money in investment fees.  Such fees, he...


Ten Top Financial Advisors For Expatriate Investors

    Each week, millions of expatriates build small backyard fires.  They pull out matches. They take $10 bills out of their pockets. Then they burn them. Every week. Every month. Every year.  That’s what it’s like when you pick the wrong kind of financial advisor. Before hiring anyone, ask...


International Teachers: Are you investing enough money?

To find out if you’re saving enough money, use my free, 13 minute seminar below:     If you’re an international school teacher, you’re metaphorically swimming in a warm sea, surrounded by beautiful bodies. Cultural eye candy meets your every glance.  There are exotic jungles to explore, equatorial mountains to climb, colorful...


Calling Fee-Based Financial Advisors

I want to profile (and encourage business for) financial advisors acting as true fiduciaries to their clients. It’s extremely profitable for advisors to sell variable annuity products or actively managed mutual funds with sales commissions or deferred sales loads. But the good men and women who act as true financial...


Should Investors Fear a Trade War With China?

In April, U.S. President Trump tossed a couple of punches at Chinese President, Xi Jinping. Trump’s left hook was an import tariff on steel. His uppercut was a tariff on aluminum. These tariffs are like taxes aimed at China. They’ll make it tougher for Chinese companies to sell goods to...


What Warren Buffett’s Mentor Could Teach Us About Life And Money

Benjamin Graham led a colorful life. He chased women. He loved philosophy, languages, travel and different cultures. He was Warren Buffett’s professor at Columbia University. Today, the Oracle of Omaha says Benjamin Graham was the second most influential man in his life, after Buffett’s father. But Buffett and Graham couldn’t...


After New Regulations, Here’s How Canadians In Europe Can Build A Portfolio Of ETFs

In January 2018, a new European Union regulation rattled plenty of Canadian expats living in Europe. Many had built diversified portfolios of low-cost ETFs. They had taken such advice from multiple Nobel Prize winners in economics. Warren Buffett is among the strategy’s supporters. In fact, that’s how his personal estate...


The Perfect Way For Children To Invest

“I wish I knew this when I was younger.” When I scan my book’s Amazon reviews this is the most common comment people write. They’re referring to the benefits of compound interest and how low-cost index funds beat most actively managed products. Unfortunately, many people believe it’s too late for...


How Muslims Can Build Stock Market Wealth

Shakespeare’s character, Polonius, continues to delight audiences that watch Hamlet. In the play’s first act, he gives his son some good advice. The younger man is getting ready to continue his education in Paris. At one point, Polonius says: “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Muslims can relate. After...


High Hopes For Marijuana Stocks

If you’ve read my investment philosophy, you’ll know that I like to keep things simple. I believe, long term, you’ll make more money doing so. But plenty of people have asked me about marijuana-based ETFs. Image by Pixabay This story is for them


What New Index Fund Investors Fail To Carefully Read

Sometimes, I get the following message from new investors: “I’ve been following your index fund approach. I’ve done well over the past five years, so it’s great to see that the strategy works.” Many of these new investors would say the opposite if the markets turned downward. That’s why such...

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