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International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James

  International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James   Raymond James is a publicly traded company. Their international financial advisors aren’t fiduciaries. Advisors who hold to a fiduciary standard put their clients’ interests ahead of their personal interest. As such, they aren’t supposed to select high-cost mutual funds that...


How Much Money Am I Making By Speaking To Teachers?

  A couple of months ago, my wife and I began a cycling tour around Europe.     Most of the time, we click along at about 20 kilometers an hour.  We battle our GPS.  Sometimes, it sends us up goat paths.     We get lost in every city.  Sometimes...


Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Saving for retirement in the U.S. means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. John Oliver recently (hilariously) ripped apart the financial services industry. He explained (in a way that only he could do) that we pay far too much money in investment fees.  Such fees, he...


Ten Top Financial Advisors For Expatriate Investors

    Each week, millions of expatriates build small backyard fires.  They pull out matches. They take $10 bills out of their pockets. Then they burn them. Every week. Every month. Every year.  That’s what it’s like when you pick the wrong kind of financial advisor. Before hiring anyone, ask...


International Teachers: Are you investing enough money?

To find out if you’re saving enough money, use my free, 13 minute seminar below:     If you’re an international school teacher, you’re metaphorically swimming in a warm sea, surrounded by beautiful bodies. Cultural eye candy meets your every glance.  There are exotic jungles to explore, equatorial mountains to climb, colorful...


Calling Fee-Based Financial Advisors

I want to profile (and encourage business for) financial advisors acting as true fiduciaries to their clients. It’s extremely profitable for advisors to sell variable annuity products or actively managed mutual funds with sales commissions or deferred sales loads. But the good men and women who act as true financial...


Is This The Key To Living Longer?

None of us know how long we’re going to live. We might look at life-expectancy tables. We might estimate our end-dates based on lifestyle and age. Statistically, people who smoke or live an unhealthy lifestyle don’t live as long. Those who eat well and exercise are supposed to live longer....


Fighting Back Against Predatory Investment Schemes

Suzanne Locke, at The National, wrote a great story about the horrific investment schemes that many expats fall victim to.  I spent from January to June speaking about these products in 11 different countries.  Image by Pixabay Suzanne tells the story here


Bitcoin Makes Massive Gains: Is It Time To Buy?

Bitcoin is kicking sand in the face of traditional investments. Between July 1, 2013 and June 13, 2017, it gained 3,130 percent. To put that in perspective, it took Vanguard’s S&P 500 thirty years (from its 1976 inception) to make investors that much money. Bitcoin, for now, isn’t slowing down....


The Key To A Wealthy Life

It’s easy to create an attention-grabbing headline. “How To Grow Wealthy” does the trick. But true wealth has nothing to do with money. We live one life on Earth.  As our hourglass drains, we wonder how much sand is left.  We should enhance that experience, giving purpose to the time...

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