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Using The Investment Centre’s Funds For Your 401(k) And Portfolio Options For Non-American Teachers

  Picking funds for a 401(k) might seem like tricky work.    But if we combine The Investment Centre’s fund selections with statistical probabilities and behavioral science, the selections are much easier.   This article offers suggestions for Americans and...


Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas

Millionaire Expat: How To Build Wealth Living Overseas gets published mid-December 2017.    This is the second edition of my book, The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing (Wiley 2015).  Princeton’s legendary economics professor (Burton Malkiel) says this second edition is,...


International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James

  International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James   Raymond James is a publicly traded company. Their international financial advisors aren’t fiduciaries. Advisors who hold to a fiduciary standard put their clients’ interests ahead of their personal interest. As...


Calling Fee-Based Financial Advisors

I want to profile (and encourage business for) financial advisors acting as true fiduciaries to their clients. It’s extremely profitable for advisors to sell variable annuity products or actively managed mutual funds with sales commissions or deferred sales loads. But...


Investment Tips For 2018

While the U.S. media focused on the rise of U.S. stocks in 2017, it was actually international stocks that gave U.S. stocks a thumping. U.S. stocks gained about 21.6 percent. International stocks gained 27.4 percent. But it’s now time to...


How To Become A Millionaire Expat

  When an author writes a book, their publishing company often gives them a handful of personal copies for free. After that, authors have to buy their own books. For my new book, Millionaire Expat, I begged for 50 copies. Instead...


Don’t Credit Donald Trump For The U.S. Market’s Rise

If Barack Obama had taken credit for the stock market growth, I would have laughed.  I’m doing the same now, with President Donald Trump. During Obama’s eight-year term, U.S. stocks did well.  They continued to hit new all-time highs. From...

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