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How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health, and Wealth

Order this book to read about real success: how to spend for happiness, how to invest effectively, how to boost life satisfaction and enhance longevity. This might be the world's wisest personal finance book.

A Retirement Haven For The Rich And The Budget-Conscious

#Retirement #Travel #Lifestyle

Discover this European paradise for retirees and digital nomads: with stunning landscapes, low living costs, enticing tax schemes, and great food, hospitality, and culture.…

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What Should You Do With Free Or Discounted Company Shares?

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Have you been given company shares or the option to buy them at a discount? This article shares a new perspective and questions to help you make informed decisions.…

Andrew Hallam

Why The FIRE Movement Began And Is Gaining Steam

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A lower percentage of income is required to sustain ourselves today than at any other time in history. This article explains why and how that happened. It also explore two roads that are offered, diverging in a narrow wood.…

Andrew Hallam

Why Donald Trump's Court Cases And Wealth Should Influence Your Investments


Over the years, Donald Trump has invested in countless business ventures, TV appearances and a book. But you could have done better…without working a single day.…

Andrew Hallam

Are You Worried About Wars, Market Drops And A Messed Up World?


Just like market trends, humanity's journey has its ups and downs. But, despite the challenges we face, there's a positive, long-term trajectory. This week’s story draws parallels between human progress and the stock market. Click to learn more.…

Andrew Hallam

Why This European Retirement Destination Is a Longstanding Favorite

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Worried that you might not have enough money for a great retirement? Savor the sweet taste of retirement (and a low cost of living) in this picturesque location.…

Andrew Hallam

Why You Shouldn't Tell Your Children To Invest

#Investing #Children

As adults, we often tell our kids to invest early. But what if we try this instead? Tell your child it pays to be "lazy." This approach, as Andrew recalls from his teaching days, is more engaging and effective than just saying "invest."…

Andrew Hallam

"Our Retirement Withdrawal Plan Beats The 4% Rule," Say These Clever Retirees


This couple dared to defy the 4% rule and opt for a more flexible approach to retirement. It's backed by data and allows them to spend more in retirement. This might suit people keen to use flexibility and geographical arbitrage.…

Andrew Hallam

A Word Of Warning For Anyone With An Above-Average Salary


If nobody could see our high-status things, would we still buy them? Without realizing it, projecting wealth often builds walls, not bridges. This story provides a wider context that might be helpful for us all.…

Andrew Hallam

The Only Formula You'll Ever Need For Creating Secure, Easy-To-Remember Passwords For Everything


Safeguard your digital presence. With this simple strategy, you can create almost impossible to crack passwords and remember them with ease. In this story, I explain how I do it...and how you could too.…

Andrew Hallam