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Praise for Balance

“BALANCE is one of the best personal finance books you’ll ever read — because it’s so much more than that. Andrew Hallam has written an insightful guide to spending and investing money not to impress others but to build a life of satisfaction and significance.”
Daniel H. Pink #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN, DRIVE, and TO SELL IS HUMAN

Decades ago, Andrew Tobias gave us “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need.” It’s still a good read. But “Balance,” by Andrew Hallam, ups the game and takes us many steps further. “Balance” gives us a complete, modern context for the role of money and investing in our lives.

Beneath a rich collection of anecdotes and stories, This short book provides a depth of research into the realities of investing and the errant relationship between money and happiness.

Scott Burns Personal finance columnist and creator of the Couch Potato Portfolio
Entertaining and well written yet solidly rooted in science, Andrew Hallam's new book, Balance, offers a fresh look at what it means to be truly successful in life.
Marta Zaraska Bestselling author of Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100
In Balance, Andrew Hallam describes what it means to be "successful." And it's not what you might expect. If you want a healthy mindset with respect to money, health, relationships and purpose, you'll learn a lot from this humorous, impressively researched book.
Leon Logothetis Best Selling Author of The Kindness Diaries
Andrew Hallam isn’t just a fabulous personal finance writer. His book, Balance, invites us to go deeper to consider one of the oldest, most important questions of all time: ‘How should I live my life?’ The right questions matter, and Andrew knows which ones are worth asking.
Adrian Juric Filmmaker and psychotherapist at Vancouver Walk & Talk Therapy
This book is a must read! Balance is a remarkable roadmap for overcoming the greatest challenge in life -- finding happiness. You will learn, laugh, and be inspired by the personal stories and the science revealing the intersection of wealth, health, and happiness. Andrew Hallam is the best friend who tells you the truth about money, and you'll be wealthier for it. Equal parts investing smarts and wellness savvy, this rare book tells you how to have it all. A flat-out great read.
Kerry K. Taylor Founder,
If you’re feeling baffled by how to approach money in a post-pandemic world, spend a few hours with Andrew Hallam. His new book, Balance, offers a master class in how to invest wisely, but it goes well beyond the normal stocks and bonds stuff. It offers a wise meditation on how to think of money as part of your larger life plan. Whether you’re a multimillionaire entrepreneur or a fitness buff living in his car by choice, you’ll find insights here that can reshape both your portfolio and your priorities.
Ian McGugan The Globe and Mail
In Balance, Hallam offers a simple and sensible approach for a secure and satisfying life. He provides a guide to achieving financial success, while promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book that I will strongly encourage my young adult children to read.
John S. Woerth Former chief spokesperson, Vanguard
Andrew Hallam's book, Balance, is a must-read! Filled with humorous stories and scientific, evidence-based tips, he explains how to best spend and invest your money to maximize life satisfaction: for you, your children and your grandchildren. I highly recommend it.
Larry Swedroe author of Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement; chief research officer Buckingham Strategic Partners
Low-cost index funds may be the smartest investment for most people, but they won't tell you how to live a good life; Andrew Hallam's excellent book, Balance, will.
Benjamin Felix Portfolio Manager Head of Research & Client Education, PWL Capital
Imagine there was a multi-verse where the most content, satisfied, happiest future version of yourself traveled back in time to give you the blueprint to lead a fulfilling life. That's this book.
Preet Banerjee Financial educator at

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