My book’s publisher in Singapore, Nick Wallwork of John Wiley & Sons emailed me last week to say that Millionaire Teacher is the most successful book he has ever produced.

Exactly what components come together to create a best-seller?  Obviously, the book has to be decent, but loads of great books go unpublished—and hundreds (even thousands) of bestselling books have their readers scratching their heads and asking, “How did this book become such a hit?”

Millionaire Teacher is a book that, I think, fit a market niche.  My fellow teachers at Singapore American School guided me to keep the book simple and engaging.  I have hundreds of my fellow educators to thank.  I also want to thank MoneySense Magazine’s founding editor (and now the Features Editor at The Globe and Mail) for convincing me to write this book, and for putting together such an amazing Foreword.

The book wouldn’t have been published in the first place if it weren’t for the great work that David Dixon did on my personal finance blog.  That’s an understatement.  He convinced me to start the blog, and it caught the attention of John Wiley & Sons when they received my initial book proposal back in June of 2010.

The powerful endorsements from many of the world’s greatest investment writers gave this book immediate credibility.  Thank you to Burton Malkiel, Scott Burns, Robert P. Miles, Paul B Farrell, William Bernstein, Larry Swedroe, Bill Schultheis, Charles E. Kirk, Michael O’Higgins, John Heinzl and Robert Wasilewski.

Giving the book its incredible wheels were the bloggers, interviewers and financial writers who created reviews and profiles.  My apologies if I missed people (I’m sure I have) but I want to do my best to thank everyone who played a role in this book’s success, including Scott Burns and Kennon Grose at Assetbuilder.  Here are some of the people who put an unlikely author on so many American, Singaporean, Canadian, Malaysian and Chinese nightstands.  (Yes, the book is being produced in basic and orthodox Chinese, for Taiwan and mainland China)

Online Stories About The Author, Andrew Hallam

Teams of supporters create bestsellers. And I want to thank everyone for making this book such a great success.

I’m sure to get a free dinner from my publisher out of the deal.  What do you think Nick?