My friend, Eric, asks a lot of questions.

He pokes and ponders things that many people don’t. He even wrote a book for high school kids that reflect his thoughts: 50 Questions Every Graduate Should Answer.

This summer, while visiting Eric, he criticized something I posted on Facebook.

The previous week, I had bumped into a bodybuilder on a beach in Thailand. We did a few exercises. Then I asked my wife, “Hey, could you take a photo of us, side by side?” I posted the picture on Facebook. “I met Arnold Schwarzenegger Jr. at a beach in Phuket today,” I wrote. “This might make a pretty good ‘before and after’ shot.”

The guy made Thor and Captain America look like prepubescent kids.

But Eric challenged the reason I posted it. “Your facebook friends said you looked pretty good in that picture. Were you fishing for an online compliment?”

Image by Pixabay

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