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Here's How A Cycle Crash Led To An Important Lesson In Business And Life

#Mindset #Lifestyle #Travel

Last week I was cycling in the French Riviera when another cyclist and I smashed into each other. A sore hip and broken pedal later, find out how this chance encounter led to an important lesson in strength, life satisfaction and health.…

Andrew Hallam

How To Invest In The Environment And Grow Rich

#Investing #Lifestyle #Mindset

Some people think we can't grow as wealthy when we invest our money and time with an environmental focus. But they're wrong. We can end up with a lot more money and boost our life satisfaction.…

Andrew Hallam

The Secret To Creating A $4.5m Portfolio Like This Teaching Couple

#Investing #Retirement #Lifestyle

“Choose Europe for the lifestyle or the Middle East or Asia to earn a lot of money.” But I often find that expats who live and work in Europe have higher income upon retirement. That might not make sense. But I explain here.…

Andrew Hallam

An Ideal Climate And Great Benefits-Could This Be The Perfect Retirement Haven?

#Retirement #Lifestyle #Travel

My wife, Pele, and I float around a lot. But our official residency is Panama. Why retire in Panama or become a digital nomad there? If you're curious why, or you're wondering how you might enjoy a lower cost retirement, semi-retirement (or just a winter away every year) I wrote about it here.…

Andrew Hallam

Longer, Better, Happier: Unveiling The Surprising Key To Longevity In Retirement

#Retirement #Lifestyle

Will you keep working part-time after you reach your financial freedom number? I recommend it...and my reason has nothing to do with money.…

Andrew Hallam

Is Praise And Support Making Your Children Weak?

#Children #Mindset #Lifestyle

Has praising children gone too far? Language, after all, is powerful. Should you call your children “smart”, or praise them for their effort instead? Read the thoughts of a former teacher here.…

Andrew Hallam

Is There A Correlation Between Our 'Stuff' And Life Satisfaction?


As we grow older, many of us upgrade what we have, believing those upgrades will make us happier. we own things or do our things own us? It’s a question worth asking.…

Andrew Hallam

Get The Most Out Of Life With These 4 Tips

#Lifestyle #Mindset

How long will you live? Nobody knows, for sure. But here are 4 ways to ensure you'll get more out of every minute.…

Andrew Hallam

Thailand: Retire In Style On A Shoestring

#Retirement #Lifestyle #Mindset

With some out-of-the-box thinking, you could retire like the rich… even if you aren’t. In this story, I write about Thailand.…

Andrew Hallam

Discover How The 'Fake Rich' And Your Work Colleagues Could Be Hurting Your Wealth

#Mindset #Lifestyle

If someone earns a million-dollar salary, but spends most of it on a lavish lifestyle, are they rich? Does our perception of wealth hurt our best intentions for following a solid financial plan? I answer the following questions here:…

Andrew Hallam