For a guy who spends most of his life smiling, images of me speaking make me laugh. It often looks like I’m ready to fight someone or, as in the picture above, break into my best John Travolta move. 🤭

This was from my talk on Friday, at Swissquote Investment Day 2024 in Luxembourg. It was such a pleasure to meet so many of the attendees, as well as speakers Candi Carrera, Tim Harford and Linda Yueh. It was also great listening to one of my academic heroes, Shlomo Benartzi.

I just missed him at breakfast this morning before leaving our hotel! Shlomo, my wife said she saw you after I had left for a shower. You are lucky. I would have hounded you over your breakfast.

Thank you, Jeremy Lauret, Dave Sparvell and the entire team at Swissquote Bank Europe for bringing us all together.

Finally, thank you Dina Jaber,  at Delano News, for this fabulous article.

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‘Great investors don’t speculate’
During the recent Swissquote Investment Day in Luxembourg, personal finance author Andrew Hallam highlighted three essential rules for successful investing: constructing a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), consistently investing available money while working and disregarding market forecasts.