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Are High Dividend Paying Stocks Overrated?


Dividends may give investors a warm, fuzzy feeling, but are these high dividend paying stocks as great as many investors think?…

Andrew Hallam

How To Invest In The Environment And Grow Rich

#Investing #Lifestyle #Mindset

Some people think we can't grow as wealthy when we invest our money and time with an environmental focus. But they're wrong. We can end up with a lot more money and boost our life satisfaction.…

Andrew Hallam

The Crash Of The US Dollar Is Imminent ... Or Is It?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Will the US dollar sink into oblivion? That’s the word on some streets. Negative news stories attract the most attention - that’s no secret. Often, sadly, the facts and data are left out.…

Andrew Hallam

No Sugarcoating: What Would Happen If Everyone Invested In Index Funds?

#Investing #Index Funds #Mindset

What if everyone invested in index funds? Could the result be horrific? I didn’t sugarcoat my answer here.…

Andrew Hallam

The Secret To Creating A $4.5m Portfolio Like This Teaching Couple

#Investing #Retirement #Lifestyle

“Choose Europe for the lifestyle or the Middle East or Asia to earn a lot of money.” But I often find that expats who live and work in Europe have higher income upon retirement. That might not make sense. But I explain here.…

Andrew Hallam

This Is When You Should Worry About Your Portfolio's Returns

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Has your portfolio fallen by a lot? In this article, I explain when you might want to make some changes.…

Andrew Hallam

Is It Safe To Invest Now?

#Investing #Mindset

If you're glued to stock market news, you might wonder whether now is a decent time to invest. Instead of saying, “Yes” or “No,” here’s something far more helpful:…

Andrew Hallam

How Much Can Retirees Withdraw From Their Investments Each Year?

#Retirement #Investing

How much of your investment portfolio can you withdraw each year in retirement? You might be aware of "the 4% rule." Or should it be 3% or 1.8%? The best answer is, "None of the above." In this article, I answer the above question, and then I extend it.…

Andrew Hallam

Robert Arnott's Fundamental Index Packs A Solid Punch

#Investing #Index Funds

Robert Arnott proposed building indexes weighted by business earning instead of company size. John Bogle hated the idea. But if someone invested in fundamental index funds, I wouldn't call them foolish.…

Andrew Hallam

When It Comes To Financial Advice, Can You Trust Your Financial Advisor?

#Financial Literacy #Investing

Jeff Devens says most financial advisors have conflicts of interest. He explains his rationale in this guest post and recommends solutions.…

Andrew Hallam