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Could You Pass The Game Show Test If You Wanted To Buy Gold?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Take this 4 question quiz about gold. Ten years into my investment journey, I wouldn't have passed. How many would you get right?…

Andrew Hallam

Should You Invest With A Financial Adviser? (Here's What The Research Says)

#Investing #Advisors

Discover how Vanguard's research proves advisers can add value to investors' bottom lines through these five points. In this article, I outline some of Vanguard’s research.…

Andrew Hallam

Women Are Better Investors, And These Brave Men Admit It

#Investing #Mindset

Meet the men who aren't afraid to admit their female partners are better investors than them. And the research backs this up. Thank you, Edward Goodfellow, Mike Beatty and Gary Manton for helping me with this story.…

Andrew Hallam

What's The Perfect Investment Allocation?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

When determining your allocation, age isn’t the only factor to consider. In many cases, the answer is in your DNA. People aren’t machines. Personalities always matter. In investing, portfolio allocation is like choosing your running attire.…

Andrew Hallam

What Are The World's Best Performing Stock Market Indexes Right Now?

#Investing #Index Funds #Financial Literacy

Quick: Without looking. Can you guess which the top performing stock markets have been this year? Is the United States among them? Should you invest in them now? Why or why not?…

Andrew Hallam

Why Do These Investors Want Their Portfolios To Drop?

#Investing #Mindset #Retirement

If my portfolio dropped by $1 million, I would be thrilled. Warren Buffett says that if you will be adding money to the markets, you should think the same way. The investors profiled in this story embrace that mindset. As for retirees, this story reveals something for them as well.…

Andrew Hallam

How This Couple Built Wealth Without Sacrificing Their Lifestyle

#Investing #Lifestyle

If you like the thought of freedom to travel with family, swim with dolphins, or plant trees in Belgium, you need to make sure you're on the right path. Read how this teaching couple prioritized experiences instead of “things” and built impressive wealth.…

Andrew Hallam

This Is How I Lost A Lot Of Money Falling For Someone's Oh-So-Tempting Investment Claims


It’s often embarrassing when we make poor (or horrific) investment decisions. But it’s also important to share such stories. We can help others to avoid such traps. Here’s my embarrassing investment story.…

Andrew Hallam

This Couple Lived In The Most Expensive Country In The World... And Still Retired Early

#Retirement #Investing #Lifestyle

Sean McHugh and his wife Sarah share their wise, inspirational story. Yes, it’s a story about their money. But what purpose should money serve? The McHughs have always known. If there were ever a story worth sharing, I believe this is it.…

Andrew Hallam

How This Couple Retired Early And How You Could Too

#Retirement #Lifestyle #Investing

How will people describe you and your life? Does that align with your values? This inspiring couple asked those questions before making some dramatic changes.…

Andrew Hallam