Warren Buffett and I are buddies. 

OK, that might be pushing it a bit, but I did once ask if I could come over to his place for a sleepover and he didn’t exactly say no. 

He asked a friend for her opinion, but she misunderstood him, and made me the protagonist in a story she wrote for The Wall Street Journal, titled Warren Buffett’s Bed & Breakfast.

If you can find it online, please send me the link.

 CNCB’s Becky Quick tracked me down in Omaha with an “I can’t believe I found you!”  burst of excitement. I’m not making this up.

I had arrived in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting.  But I wasn’t totally honest with Becky.  She asked me where I slept the previous night, and I brushed the question aside, giving her a fictitious, future five night itinerary instead.

Forward women scare me…. you can never be too careful.

I once broke a 4 minute mile trying to get away from a really forward woman in Vietnam, which you can read about here.

 But I digress.

Mr. Buffett and I eventually met, and I gave him a cheap Coca-Cola t-shirt, in Thai.

I’ve lost so much sleep over the crappy quality of that shirt that I decided to splurge on a new one for the Oracle of Omaha, sending him a high-quality t-shirt, yesterday, with the Singapore American School logo, rather than paying homage to the black syrup king.

Gifting the shirt was the least I could do.  After all, I built a very healthy sized investment portfolio of individual stocks on a school teacher’s salary, thanks to Buffett’s investment tenets. 

I’ve published a number of articles on Buffett’s methods, and a few days ago, I received an email from a gentleman who works for Shareinvestor, asking me if I could deliver a full-day Value Investing seminar this October.

He knows that I’m a hard-core index investor.  But the demands for indexing aren’t high in Singapore, and he probably heard that I have a better ten year investment track record than Bill Miller.

It’s true.  I do.

Bill Miller, who Andy Serwer called “The Greatest Money Manager of Our Time” has a ten year investment return that has been thoroughly spanked by an Ectomorphic Canadian who’s afraid of Becky Quick.  My personal investments have gained more than 100 percent more than Miller’s have, over the past decade.

OK…so the demand for stock picking is high in Singapore?  Got it.  I’ll see what I can do to help.  My entire book, Millionaire Teacher, delves into how you can beat the backside off investors like Bill Miller, with the final chapter focusing on individual stocks….for those urging to take that route.

But for now, I’ll have to roll up my sleeves and put together this seminar outline—something that my buddy, Warren Buffett, would definitely be proud of.  Who knows?

We might arrange that sleepover yet.