I have a confession to make. 

I’m an English teacher, but I don’t read many novels.  I’m a tough sell.

Having said that, there are a few books I’ve recently enjoyed, like The White Tiger, the story of an impoverished Indian man who kills his boss; Shantaram, the pseudo memoir of a drug dealer who escaped an Australian prison to start a medical clinic in Bombay; and The Kite Runner, a beautiful and nauseous tale of betrayal that turns its own pages.

After reading probably 400 books on personal finance, I’ve also cut back on the investment genre. 

But last month, I did order a copy of  Jonathan Chevreau’s book, Findependence Day

It blends fiction and personal finance, entertaining and teaching readers at the same time.

The narrative story follows Jamie and Sheena Morelli—a young married couple building their future on a financial tectonic plate.  They’re swimming in debt and oblivious to the financial challenges lying ahead.

They’re challenged by materialism as they try to gain a solid financial footing, and their relationship strains under the pressures of money and diverging goals.

Two father figures (like perfect foil characters) guide Jamie throughout.

1.   Al, the morally depraved entrepreneur


2.  Leo, the solid fee-based financial advisor who offers guidance and friendship

This is a great book. 

Jonathan Chevreau, a long-time writer with the National Post shows off his skilful array of story-weaving and financial education.

Whether you prefer fiction or finance, I think you’ll enjoy Findependence Day.