This Christmas, Pele and I won’t be celebrating around a Christmas tree.

andrew-pele-sarawakNor will we be basking on a tropical beach. Instead, the two of us are adventuring into the mountains of Northern Thailand tomorrow for a fully loaded 900km, thigh burning ride on our Co-Motion tandem.  The terrain is described as “nasty” and the route climbs into the clouds, often 20km at a time.
We’ll be climbing, descending, climbing and descending… then repeating until we’re fully cooked.
Pele is going to try documenting some of the trip via facebook, and I may journal some of the stranger, more exciting or arduous moments to share on my blog.  We’ll also document our spending.  It could be interesting to read… in a “my God, you two are idiots” kind of way.
Have a great Christmas! I’ll see you in the New Year.