I have plenty of online friends. 

You probably do too.  These are people I’ve never met. 

 Some of my notables–because I think they’re really cool–include Dan Bortolotti, Paula Pant, Kerry Taylor, Robert Wasilewski, Avrom Digance, Mark Seed, Mark Zoril and Kyle Prevost.

 Another one of my online buddies is Australian, Tuan Phan. 

His friends call him Toony.  And he’s cooler than cool.  Two months ago, Toony and I finally met in person.  I was giving a talk in Dubai.  Soft spoken, with really kind eyes, Toony impressed me right away.

But I was already a fan. 

If you’re a regular reader on my blog, you might have seen his name. 

He has spent hours and hours answering readers’ questions. 

He’s an absolute master in offshore pension schemes. 

Like so many others, a financial company in the UAE royally ripped him off. 

Now he’s on a mission to help other people.

A week doesn’t go by where I don’t think, “Please Toony, don’t let this be the week you tire of answering questions about offshore pensions.”  He’s a major asset to this site.

That’s why I’m declaring May 25th, Toony Day. 

 If Toony has helped you online, please send your heartfelt thanks. 

And I hope, one day, to meet some of my other online buddies.

Image:  Tuan Phan and Andrew Hallam; February 2017