A couple of years ago, my friend Kyle Prevost and I were trying to figure out the best place in the world to become residents. It wasn’t a hypothetical discussion. As a fellow global wanderer, he had kicked around plenty of ideas. And he liked the country of Georgia.

That piqued my curiosity.

My friend, Adrian Juric is an avid hiker, film maker and photographer. When he first began posting pictures of Georgia, I remember thinking, “What is this magical place?”

I soon learned how easy it would be to become a resident. I learned that Georgia is cheaper than Portugal, Spain and Panama. Georgia doesn’t tax expats on their investment portfolios. The country doesn’t tax digital nomads on their foreign-earned income. I learned that entrepreneurs pay just 1% in tax. I learned that people love Georgian food, culture, wine and hospitality.

In my new article, we hear from some of the people who moved there.

A retirement haven for the rich and the budget-conscious
Discover this European paradise for retirees and digital nomads. With stunning landscapes, low living costs, enticing tax schemes, and affordable healthcare, it’s a haven for the rich and budget-conscious…