Did you know that how your investments perform and how you perform are (more often than not) two different things? We are human. That means, we make mistakes. We don't always re-balance when we should. We sometimes try to time the market. We don't always know what ETF to buy in any given month. As a result of these human tendencies, investors in all-in-one funds typically beat (quite easily) the performance of investors who buy their own index funds or ETFs. The behavioural science behind this is compelling. The odds of better performance are higher with all-in-one ETFs compared to those who invest in individual indexes and ETFs. I've written about such products for Americans, Canadians and Australians. Now here's how British investors can take advantage of this science.

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Vanguard’s LifeStrategy Funds Might Be The Best Choice for British Expats | Swissquote