Andrew Hallam talks at WeWork Location: Singapore

WeWork Location:  Singapore


CurrencyFair invited me to their official Singapore launch for the week ending September 27th.  They also asked me to speak about money.  I spoke at 7 different locations:  three WeWork locations, The American Club, the British Club, The Sampan and at Hot Lotz Auction House.  I also enjoyed CurrencyFair’s official launch at Raffles Hotel, and two Channel News Asia interviews.  My interviews will air in mid-late October.


Andrew Hallam talks at WeWork Location: Singapore

WeWork Location: Singapore


One of my favorite talks is about the science of happy spending. When we’re parting with our money, what gives us the biggest bang for our happiness buck? You might think this relates entirely to the individual.  But behavioral science shows some very consistent elements.  I’ve written about it this here and here.  Thank you, WeWork and The American Club for co-hosting these talks.


Andrew Hallam at one of two Channel News Asia interviews in Singapore

One of two Channel News Asia interviews: Singapore


At the HotLotz Auction House, I spoke to a group of (mostly) women.  I enjoyed explaining how women investors beat men.  In a traditional man-woman relationship, more often than not, men take the investment helm.  But I explained why they shouldn’t.  I’ve also written about this here.


Andrew Hallam talks at HotLotz Auction House:  Singapore

HotLotz Auction House:  Singapore


At the Sampan, I joined a panel of three others for a HoneyCombers, event.  We shared our thoughts on financial freedom, being a digital nomad and how to best build and promote a business that you could take on the road.  CurrencyFair’s CEO, Paul Byrne, joined Andrea Edwards, founder of The Digital Conversationalist and Marielle Reussink, entrepreneur and founder of The EMMS. 


I hadn’t done anything like this before.  It was a fun learning experience that I think the audience enjoyed.  I really enjoyed chatting with Paul, Andrea and Marielle.  Andrea, if you’re reading this, we look forward to seeing you in Phuket.  Special note:  Don’t be too kind to homeless people like me.  My wife and I might just show up on your doorstep.


Andrew Hallam talks at the HoneyCombers event at the Sampan:  Singapore

HoneyCombers event at the Sampan:  Singapore


Finally, at the British Club, I spoke about how your investments should reflect these uncertain times.  Thank you, Expat Living, for co-hosting this talk and the one at HotLotz.   If you’re curious about the message, I’ve written about the general theme here and here.


Andrew Hallam at The British Club, Singapore

The British Club, Singapore


We look forward to an upcoming talk at the International Community School of Singapore, and some pending talks at Singapore American School and Nexus International School.  In November, we’ll fly to Dubai and Doha for a series of talks, including at least one that’s open to the public, at Doha’s Swiss International School.

After that, Pele and I will re-enter the Bohemian world for a while, as we continue our journey to Argentina (from Canada) in our camper van. 


The camper van travelling through South America

The camper van


If you would like to book me for financial talks, please fill in the form on my website


Food delivery in Bacalar, Mexico

Bacalar, Mexico


We can easily store the van (no matter where we are) and fly to your location.  Pele can provide several speaking topics from which you could choose.  If you’re interested in attending upcoming talks, I usually post them on the Facebook page here.

Thank you!