I teach a personal finance class to high school kids.

So far, this school year, nearly 40 percent of my high school students have opened investment portfolios of their own.  Most have opened custodial accounts, under their parents’ names.

When these kids turn eighteen, the assets will be transferred to the students, and the account will be solely theirs.

Here are some online tutorials my students created.  Each of them has invested real money, in real accounts, and they want to show you how they did it:

Sixteen year old American, Chase Schachenman, builds a Custodial Investment Account through Vanguard.

Eighteen year old American, Kevin Wang, builds a Non Custodial Investment Account with Vanguard.

Sixteen year old Angeline Elopre and Seventeen year old Joo Yeon Oh demonstrate how young Singaporeans could invest.

Seventeen year old Anika Murarka builds a portfolio through Vanguard.

I’m proud of these students, and I will be adding more student-created (real money!) tutorials over the next couple of weeks.