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If you’re an international school teacher, you’re metaphorically swimming in a warm sea, surrounded by beautiful bodies.

Cultural eye candy meets your every glance. 

There are exotic jungles to explore, equatorial mountains to climb, colorful people to meet.  Aren’t you lucky you’re not at “home” where you might be paying higher taxes, dealing with colder waters — literally or metaphorically — and (potentially) earning lower salaries?

Not so fast. 

Most international school teachers are warmly swimming, miles from land, without a life preserver in sight. If they aren’t paying into a government pension program — such as social security for Americans, Canada pension plan for Canadians — they won’t reap the social rewards in the future.

Those bypassing a defined benefit program to work overseas are opting to swim on their own while the pension boat floats past. If you’re saving and investing enough money, however, this shouldn’t matter. 

You can enjoy your overseas lifestyle, and ensure that your swimming muscles are strong enough to get you safely to land.

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